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Entertainment of Tuesday, 7 November 2023


Moses Bliss: Fr. Ugwu, actress Ekene Umenwa’s bestie, Deacon Famous trade words online

Deacon Famous, Ekene Umenwa, Moses Bliss and Reverend Father Kelvin Deacon Famous, Ekene Umenwa, Moses Bliss and Reverend Father Kelvin

The best friend of Nollywood actress Ekene Umenwa, who served as the MC for her wedding reception, Deacon Famous has come under fire from Reverend Father Kelvin Ugwu for his criticism of Ekene's interaction with gospel artiste Moses Bliss.

Deacon Famous called out Father Ugwu, who had initially disapproved of the couple's relationship and accused Moses Bliss of neglecting to summon the bride.

Deacon Famous advised Father Ugwu to stop using social media and devote all of his attention to God's work.

He continued by saying that Father Ugwu chose to ignore the wedding altar and concentrate only on the problem.

The Padre took the time to defend his position in a lengthy Facebook post in response, even taking a slight dig at Deacon Famous's previous opinions.

He wrote: “Deacon_Famous We can always agree to disagree, there is nothing wrong with that. Personally, I don’t have any problem with Ekene. She may be very emotional, some people are like that. It might even be one of the things her husband loves the most about her. Some of us feel she could have had better emotional control. But it does not matter. She did not commit any crime by being expressive as she did. I think all we owe them is prayers. As a priest, my concern was more on the singer/minister.

"What was in my mind was: When you find yourself in a situation like that when a woman is literally in awe and excitement whether before or in the absence of her husband, what should a minister do? When you find yourself in a situation where it appears your followers see you as a god and are ready to roll on the ground just for you, what should the minister do? I brought out examples from scriptures that could help. So, the issue was never about the altar of Mary she erected at the reception hall or the number of priests that came for her wedding. And you leaving the issue at hand and asking me to leave Facebook to focus on the Lord’s work is just funny. I have a lovely parish here online, in case you don’t know. The Purest family. . . And by the way, it is the same you that made fame by making caricatures of the sacred sacrament of confession on social media. If not that Christianity tolerates a lot, will you be able to try that with some other religions? So, while priests are busy focusing on the Lord’s work in their parishes following your ‘almighty’ command to us to leave Facebook, you are busy wearing cassocks and stole as though you are a priest and scattering all our works on social media. . . then, the same you will still turn around and quote for us how the harvest is much and the labourers are few.
Even you, be sincere to yourself, what you said, does it make sense to you PurestPurity”

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