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Entertainment of Thursday, 13 February 2020

Source: MyNigeria

AKA angry at Nigerians for losing Bonang Matheba to rich Nigerian man

The reason why South African rapper AKA has been angry with Nigerians has finally been revealed and it has nothing to do with whatever Nigerians are accused of in his country.

Recall that during the xenophobic attacks suffered by Nigerians in South Africa, AKA was very much vocal on social media about the situation to the point of having a spat with Burna Boy.

Well, it has now been revealed that while his fellow music artistes in South Africa condemned the xenophobic attacks, AKA chose to use it as an opportunity to get back at Nigeria for what one of them did to him.

A report by an Instagram blogger reveals that South African TV presenter, Bonang Matheba, was snatched from AKA by a rich Nigerian man.

Read: "Hello Tueh Tueh, Reasons why aka is so sad and pissed and mad at Nigerians? The young man is so heartbroken cos a young married Nigerian man took Bonang from him. Bonang is dating a Young very rich Nigerian, wire lord called Don Ejeh {married to Shola *Fabsols of the #Solexperience wedding. The wedding that shutDown Lagos and it was rumoured to cost a 100million naira. While Fabsol lives her fabulous luxury life from RollsRoyce To Gwagon to RangeRover, Bonang service the Husband back in their South African home that he pays for her everything. Pained Rapper AKA has been nursing the pain, making him hate Nigerians and now campaigning that they stop issuing Nigerians visa. I come in peace o".

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