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General News of Wednesday, 8 November 2023


'Who does he think he is' - Mixed reactions as Obidients knock Peter Obi

Peter Obi Peter Obi

Peter Obi's supporters, popularly known as the Obidients, have come under criticism for attacking their subject over his acceptance of the verdict of the Supreme Court verdict that affirmed the victory of President Bola Tinubu.

The Supreme Court earlier affirmed the judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Court that upheld President Tinubu as the authentic winner of the February 25 presidential election and dismissed the appeals of Obi, the candidate of the Labour Party in the election.

But the former governor of Anambra State, in his reaction to the apex court ruling, condemned the judgment while adding that he, the Labour Party and "the Obidient Movement are now effectively in opposition".

But in a Twitter space where Obi's supporters discussed the press conference of the Labour Party candidate, they were attacking the former governor for not consulting with them and accepting to be in the opposition.

"Obidients don dey ask Peter Obi 'who does he think he is?' I hope this thing won’t lead to them beating him".

The voice in the audio was heard crying while condemning the comment of Peter Obi on accepting to be in the opposition, she said she put her line on the line and wondered why the former governor would accept to be in the opposition.

"There is going to be an invasion soon in Nigeria, and somebody is telling me to move, from where to where? Postpone what revolution to what year?

"Does he thinks that I put my life on the line from last year into the election for me to come and move on? Who does he thinks he is for him to come and tell me to postpone the revolution."

But some Nigerians have taken to the comment section of the post to condemn what they described as an act of extremism from the Peter Obi's supporters.

Some of the comments are listed below:

Femi Yekinni said that kind of reaction is expected from the Obidient Movement.

He said: "We’ve always known that this day will come. They will soon ask him to refund all the donations they sent to him."

Ubakor Gerald posited that Obi rode on the horse of extremism to achieve popularity in the election, thus, the dangers are coming out.

She said: This's the danger in riding on extremist ideologies to gain political office.

"It often leads to conflicts and chaos. It's obvious the speaker has lost it long before now.

"Obi knows the risk in what he's doing but power is his only concern."

Daddy Girlie posited that the Obidient would have brought down many bridges of friendship.

She said: "I just can’t imagine how many bridges of friendship that woman has burned for Obi, she sounds more of ‘had I known?’; ‘how will I now show face to the people I’ve wronged because of dis movement?’. In that speech, Obi has indirectly asked dem to rest and disassociated himself from their drama."

Ridwan Olowookere called on the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to investigate the claim from the Peter Obi's supporter that children are into drug trafficking in Kano.

"In an unlikely event that Obi won the election, this is probably the kind of people he'll have in his cabinet. Obi is just a figurehead of insurrectionists."

Francis Okaformbah posited that Obi's supporters are still better that Tinubu's supporters who could not challenge their master.

He said: "That's the difference btw Obidients and your agbado master. They are allowed to criticize their principal. Can't say the same for you."