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General News of Thursday, 23 July 2020

Source: MyNigeria

Tears don't prove innocence - Some Nigerians speak on lady arrested at kidnapper's house

Some Nigerians have refused to be bought by the tears and display of a young lady who was arrested by some policemen at a kidnapper's house in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The viral video below shows the policemen interrogating the lady identified as Towobola. They had found her in company of the kidnapper when they raided his house.

Some of the questions asked by the policemen who spoke in Yoruba language are listed below.

1. When they ask you not to sleep around, you will not listen. 2 The boyfriend you were fxxking, why did you leave him? 3. You saw an armed robber and followed him, you are destroyed 4. Why did you quicky agree to date him? 5. Answer my questions or I will get angry with you. What did he tell you he was into? 6. Did he not tell you he is an armed robber, a kidnapper? You are gone. 7. Is it not someone that disvirgined you? Where is he? He does not have money right? 8.The person that disvirgined you, where is he? 9.Or have you not been disvirgined? 10.You were sleeping around with men, that is why your boyfriend left you 11.Which school did you go? 12.How did you get to this guy? Is it not his money?

The questions were found to be absurd and the conduct of the policemen condemned by many Nigerians when the video of the interrogation went viral.

This drew the attention of the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Adamu Muhammed, who opened an investigation into the matter.

However, some Nigerians who agreed that the interrogation done by the policemen was way out of line still believe every other issue should not be swept under the carpet.

According to them, the tears displayed by Towobola is no prove that she's innocent and knew nothing about the criminal company she kept.

Below are some comments gathered from an online forum - Nairaland.

donstan18 wrote: "It's unreasonable and stupid for someone to think a lady that was found in company of criminals is innocent. They should make sure the get the truth from her and penalize her. Tears doesn't by any means prove you innocent".

Evilforest wrote: "Don't allow the WEEPING and TEARS of a LADY pacify you as a man so fast that your treat serious issues concerning them with Levity. LADIES lie better when tears are start dropping from their eyes".

mamato wrote: "This fine girl has finally disgrace her reputable family, what is she doing in the house of an armed robber, not even a yahoo boy?".

Chukwuubuipob wrote: "What's she doing in d company of criminals? Can she swear with thunder that she's not aware that her paddy/boyfriend is a criminal? Girl like her will leave/snub her struggling boyfriend to flex with shine shine bobo".

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