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Man cries uncontrollably after catching his wife in bed with their Landlord

A Ghanaian man has been struck with shock after catching his beautiful and curvaceous housewife in bed with their landlord.

The man apparently froze and could not move a muscle after he stumbled on the wife naked in their kitchen.

According to Ola Michael of Neat Fm who narrated the story, the man wanted the wife to stay at home because she was too beautiful and he was a bit insecure about her.

So he kept her in the house, paid her a salary and also contributed to her social security every month.

One day at work, the man was feeling for sex so decided to pop home quickly and fire the wife.

He drove home and entered their apartment. He checked the bedroom and did not find the wife so went to the kitchen.

He saw her naked and quietly approached from behind and started smooching her.

At that point, the wife who had not seen it was the husband said “Landlord, stop playing because I have to finish cooking before my husband arrives!”

You can imagine the man’s shock at that moment!

Listen to Ola narrate the full story below:

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