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General News of Wednesday, 14 April 2021


Ghanaians on high alert after Imo jailbreak; believe Nigerians 'must be monitored'

Ghanaians have raised concerns about the recent Imo jailbreak and the impact it will have on criminal activities in the country.

1,800 inmates escaped the Imo prison in Owerri in the early hours of 5 April 2021, after a large armed group arrived at the prison in pickup trucks and on buses carrying rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, and rifles.

Following the incident, there has been skepticism in Ghana on the implications of such a mass outbreak. This comes at a time when the West African country is battling to get hold of several ritual killings. These killings, especially, the most recent has been attributed to the influence of Nigerians in Kasoa, a town in the outskirt of Accra, the capital.

Several media platforms in the country have had cause to discuss the rising menace with many laying it on the doorsteps of Nigerians.

According to a resource person on Ghana Television (GTV), a local television station with nationwide reach, most criminal activities in Ghana are directly or indirectly influenced by Nigerians, and to control the phenomenon, Nigerians in the country should be heavily monitored.

"And you know Nigerians. Apart from Nigeria where they come from. The next African country they like best is Ghana. I'm not saying that we shouldn't allow them. They are our brothers. The bible also says that you should love your brother as yourself. But it seems like Ghana, we are loving them more than ourselves.

"Go to mallam right now, most of the stores are owned by Nigerians ... If you look at what happened in Kasoa recently, it was linked to Nigerians, because in the area, Nigerians are using posh cars. Where did they get the money? Definitely, if it's an evil way, they are going to influence our society," he said.

He stated that laws regarding the stay of foreigners especially Nigerians should be heavily implemented, adding that they should not be allowed to move around freely without rigorous checks.

"Even if we have porous borders can't the government enforce laws? Because if your laws are so weak, that's where any criminal from his country will enter Ghana.

"What the government should do now is not about being alert in terms of our borders because they are already here. It's a matter of now making it so serious because outside you can't just be roaming around. Police do random checks, where they can ask about your passport and find out where you're coming from," he said.

He concluded that Ghanaians living in Nigeria are checked whether or not their documents are valid by Nigerian citizens who are not in the police service. So Ghanaians should do same to Nigerians living in their country.

"Even in Nigeria, the common citizens that are not cops can see you and ask of your documents. And if you don't have it, the way they will deal with you. But here they walk freely," he said.

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