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Politics of Tuesday, 8 June 2021


Anambra Governorship Election: When I become Governor, things will change for the better - Uba claims

Senator Andy Uba Senator Andy Uba

Senator Andy Uba, a leading candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the upcoming Anambra State governorship election, said the state is at a fork in the road and that he has a strategy to reform and restore it to its former glory.

When Uba came to the party Secretariat on Tuesday to file his nomination and expression of interest forms to run in the November 6th Governorship election, he informed journalists that he had previously won the state governorship election and had plans to make the state government better.

"If you recall, when I was elected governor of Anambra state in 2007, I had a plan to change the face of Anambra." My objective was to help and empower the young, as well as women, in order to bring Anambra to a higher level.
Infrastructure, agriculture, and a slew of other proposals are all on the table. I've changed those plans from what they were previously. Once I am in office, Anambra will be a different state.

On the issue of concensus candidate, the Senator said: "I dont think that has been presented to us. I have no idea what you are saying. Nobody told me about concensus. I have not heard it. This is the first time I am hearing it from you. 

About other contestants like the former CBN Governor Charles Soludo and how he will be able to scuffle through with the incumbent Governor, Willy Obiano, he said; "Well, for you mentioning Soludo, I think Anambra people will have to decide after our primary and I know i am going to win for sure. 

"After the primary they will decide who they want as their governor. What APGA has done  they have done. Everybody knows.

They have been there for 16 years and that doesn't mean; if you remember, we had a party that was there for many years. 

"APC still came in. So many years doesn't mean anything. That you are there for twenty or thirty years. What have you done? Are the people happy with you? If they are not then you have reasons to change, I am sure there will be change to vote APC this time, he stated.

On his part, Rev Godwin Okonkwo, another contestant while submitting his forms said he is in the contest, fully prepared with sound mind, capacity, courage and character.

He noted that competence without character has no value; "They both enrich values. And I think I have that.

"I am bringing unity to my people. I will be a father to everyone. And Anambra with me there,  hope of the poor will be restored. We will restore Anambra to a place that investors will have confidence and a place to invest in."

On the issue of zoning, Rev Okonkwo who emphasised on fairness said: "I believe in fairness, equity,  justice, and good conscience.

"If the North had gone, equity demands that it comes to the south. If it doesn't go to the south, it means it has to wait for another 24 years before it comes to it. How old will I be by then? So it should go to  South because I believe in natural justice and fairness." 

On the Church participation in npolitics, the aspirant stressed that it's unfortunate what "I met on ground when I joined the APC. 

"It shows the church still have a long way to go in impacting love in the hearts of people. When our hears are transformed, our love will not know colour. It will know no boundaries. I am an Anglican priest. When the sun shines, does it select where to shine on? Of course no. 

"He who hates his sister or brother is a murderer. The bible say that and I believe very much in it. I cannot go against what I preach. I will be father to all. I will respect our elders. I will honor our fathers in the lord and traditional rulers. But, I will obey God. And I know God is a just God. 

"I will fear Him, because his love doesn't demarcate. That is who I am and what i will bring to the table."

Speaking further on the mode of primary election, he wants the party to choose a model that will make people in Anambra come into the APC.

The trained chartered accountant, Reverened Priest of the Angican Communion turned politican, worked in NNPC upto the level of Managing Director noted that he offered himself to serve his people, Anambra State, adding that he will not join people who publishes what they do to help others.

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