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Religion of Wednesday, 6 July 2022


We have been robbed - Actress Doyin Kukoyi misses Hajj, slams corrupt officials

Actress Doyin Kukoyi Actress Doyin Kukoyi

Popular Nigerian actress and media personality, Doyin Kukoyi, has cried out in pain after missing Hajj pilgrimage.

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram page, the movie star who was at the airport with other scorned pilgrims called out the officials involved.

According to her, they had all paid for their visas since and finally got it at a very late hour. She explained that they all got to the airport and were told that the airspace had closed and an emergency flight would be gotten for them.

Kukoyi noted that they were later told to fly to Abuja and many of them paid as much as N96k to N125k for a one-way-flight to the country’s capital.

However, their situation did not change in Abuja and they were still asked to pay at least N750k at the airport.

Kukoyi added that those who could not afford it went back home and those who could were still not allowed to fly and were left stranded at the airport.

The actress showed a series of old women who were in tears over all the stress they had faced.

According to her, many of them had to call their family members for financial help to enable them to pay the additional N750k.

She also noted that a number of people had fainted and were at the hospital taking drips all because they wanted to go for Hajj and were facing difficulties from officials.

According to Kukoyi, the National Hajj Commission defrauded them and wives of top politicians who arrived late at the airport were taken through the back door and allowed to fly while they had been waiting there.

She also called out a certain NACO chairman, Dr. Dhikrullah, who she claimed saw them and ran away through the back door to go for his own Hajj.

In her caption she wrote:

“This is to all Nigerians. Please help us share and report this injustice. We have been robbed, We have been denied our rights . This is pure wickedness . Corruption at the highest level.”

See the videos below: