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Regional News of Thursday, 11 August 2022


Man filmed angrily destroying speed bump while complaining about the obstruction it causes

Man filmed breaking a speed bump Man filmed breaking a speed bump

A man was filmed breaking a speed bump in the middle of a street.

In the viral video, the man is seen angrily using a pickaxe to break the speed bump.

The man filming walks up and tries to get the angry man's attention.

When his "hello" went unanswered, he greeted the man, saying, "Oga, good morning."

The man breaking the speed bump responded: "What can I do you for? Let me get rid of this first."

He then goes on to continue breaking the rest of the speed bump.

When done, he's heard complaining that almost every road has speed bumps and this is an "obstruction" that makes driving difficult.

"I am not against bumps but bumps should be at the appropriate position," the man said.

When the man filming asked if he understands the implication of his actions, he revealed that he's not done and plans to destroy more speed bumps.

He said: "I still have more to do. There are more of it."

The video has gone viral but the location where it was filmed is not known, though the man mentioned that he's in Nigeria.

Watch it below.