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Regional News of Thursday, 11 November 2021


Interview: In Cross River, expect a replay of David, Goliath fight in 2023 – Labour Party Chairman

Chairman of Labour Party, Ambassador Osim Ogar Chairman of Labour Party, Ambassador Osim Ogar

The build-up by money bags in both PDP and the ruling APC towards the 2023 Governorship election in Cross River State, is scary, but the Chairman of Labour Party, seen as an underdog, Ambassador Osim Ogar, in an exclusive interview with DAILY POST submits that they are poised to rattle political heavyweights by re-enacting the David and Goliath battle.


Q. Is Labour Party in Cross River State intimidated by the sheer sizes of the other two parties and their members?

In 2023, Nigerians should expect a replay of what happened between David and Goliath in the Holy Bible. Power, money, connection and fame will fail many in 2023. Cross River State is a Labour State. We need a dedicated Labourer to re-organize the State. We need a leader that will resuscitate the vision of past political leaders and create more opportunities for our teeming population. Our philosophy is to increase and add value to every legal profession be it farming, teachings, catering, petrol station attendants, street sweepers, sports, entertainment, driving, crafting, tailoring, preaching, etc. This is the kind of candidate we shall present to the good people of the State come 2023.

Q. Will LP field a candidate or support another party?

Labour Party is not merging with any political party, neither is the party considering adopting any candidate. It is for this reason that the State Executive through its publicity secretary, Dr. Ofem Lekam refuted the claim by Elder Mr. Maurice Ekeng that the Chairman and Executive of Labour Party had defected to APC. Labour Party will produce a credible candidate in the State that will win hearts and minds come 2023.

Q. How prepared is LP for next year’s gubernatorial race?

In view of the fact that the ruling party, APC has failed Nigerians, the former ruling party, PDP is not also an option to Nigerians. Labour Party is currently the only alternative; It is the voice of the voiceless in the Nigerian society and the Party to beat in the 2023 general election. We have revived all structures at the State, Chapters and wards levels. Meetings have been held with stakeholders across board with the aim of uniting both old and new members of the party as well as identifying with the challenges affecting the party at various levels. We have also commenced registration/revalidation of members at ward level of which registration materials have been provided to 90% of the wards in the State. Our aim is to have a membership driven party grounded at the grassroots and also an authentic and validated membership register that can be checked and verified by members and even non-members of the party.

Q. How are you reaching out to community stakeholders?

We have extensively embarked on visits to political leaders, royal fathers, civil society organizations and NGOs to inform them about our re-activation and people oriented activities aimed at making Cross River a Labour Party State from 2023. Arrangements are on top gear to acquire a befitting State secretariat as well as the Local government and Wards levels to enhance our enormous administrative operations as the party shall soon be witnessing the influx of members who are already tired of the so-called big parties. We have equally put down modalities to enhance peaceful deliberations and resolve issues as a family.

Q. Would you say LP is now on ground to challenge the two bigger parties in the state?

Labour Party is on ground, because we have membership across the state. We are sure that a lot of other parties’ members will soon decamp into Labour Party. We are also busy raising a new generation of political leaders in the State.

The foregoing in the so-called two big parties have even made the work easier for Labour Party because they know truly that they are standing on a shaky ground. In the real sense, the biggest party in Nigeria is Labour Party because we represent the human family unlike some parties that project broom, umbrella, fowl and other things that are seasonal. Human being is the most valuable asset. ENDSARS experience is enough to teach us that it is in vain to build the city if we do not first build the man. Therefore, Labour Party is the only ideal party for Nigerians and Cross Riverians because it is all about human beings ‘Mama, Papa and Pikin.’

Q.Do you foresee big names coming to launch themselves on the platform of your party?

A Yes. We will fill a candidate because the tension in the state between the dominant parties cannot accommodate two governorship candidates. Likely, those who feel they are popular will want to look elsewhere, and the only alternative is Labour Party and YPP, but the Labour brand is the only recognized 3rd force. In 2015, Labour Party was second but in 2023, Labour Party is the party to beat.