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Politics of Wednesday, 3 November 2021


Ondo govt tackles APC over blame on removal of army checkpoints

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The Ondo State Government has chastised the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) over its claim that the state government was responsible for the removal of army checkpoints in the state.

Commissioner for Information Mr Donald Ojogo described the PDP’s allegation as baseless.

"The spurious efforts of the opposition PDP to weaponise a seeming situation of near sabotage, clearly shows how detached they are from the arena of vigilance," Ojogo stated.

The statement continued: "To them, everything is politics and politics must be infused into everything including the safety and welfare of the people.

"No discerning group could have bought into such cheaply brandished propaganda.

"The ignorantly appraised security situation by the PDP is an inelegant manifestation that they would rather dance on the blood of innocent southwesterners on the altar of politics for patronage than stand firm in defence of their people.

"The Ondo State Government desires not to go into the merits of the flying story about non-payment of allowances to any arm of the military. It deserves no such efforts more so, that, the concerned arm of the military has yet to issue any statement in that regard.

"It must be noted that notwithstanding the politicisation of any situation, the Ondo State Government ably led by Mr Rotimi Akeredolu shall not, under whatever circumstances, succumb to blackmail and allow any puerile allegation wrapped under ethnicised platforms to wrought further violence on our people.

"It must be clear to all, including the PDP that the target is Amotekun. Unfortunately for whoever whose motive is to perpetuate violence under any guise, our resolve to sustain Amotekun remains unwavering. We won’t be deterred in any form. Our time-tested character and attitude toward tackling insecurity even at odd times shall not be compromised."