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Politics of Monday, 16 January 2023


I am under pressure to drop my ambition - 25-year-old LP candidate in Oyo

25-year-old Feyijimi is the youngest candidate in the forthcoming 2023 general elections Read more: 25-year-old Feyijimi is the youngest candidate in the forthcoming 2023 general elections Read more:

Benjamin Feyijimi, the youngest candidate in Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general elections has opened up on how he has been under pressure to drop his ambition.

Feyijimi, 25, popularly known as Frenchboi, is contesting to represent Ido constituency in the Oyo state House of Assembly.

In an exclusive interview with, Feyijimi stated that he would not be cajoled into dropping his ambition for any of his fellow contenders.

He said:

“Many have approached me to drop my ambition. My reply is always that I'm going there to represent my people and not myself. Why should I step down when my people want me to be there! “People step down for many reasons, when they think they have low chances of winning. Among my contenders, I'm the most learned, I'm more of experience!

“So, why should I step down for someone lower than me. It's not possible!” Speaking on the financial cost of his ambition, Feyijimi revealed that it has been a challenge funding his campaigns.

He lamented that election is so expensive in Nigeria, but added that he has gotten support from some people who believe in his candidacy.

His words:

“Election in Nigeria is so very expensive. As a young man, I sincerely don't have the finance to run the big project, but my engagement with people, they feel so convinced to support me in the little way they can.

“Someone printed posters for me, someone printed banners and stickers for me, someone got my campaign office for me, so like that.

“I have been enjoying support from my people, because they know I will represent them well!”

Asked what advice he will give young Nigerians interested in politics, Feyijimi said:

“I understand the fact that there are discouraging factors everywhere; but it's high time we started looking away from those factors, and facing our fears!

“I tell my people, when I win my election come March 11, I will be so proud to tell people that the son of nobody can also become somebody in this nation even when we don't know anybody!”