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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria


Woman cooking Woman cooking

For the record, Titi Akinsanmi, Google Public Policy Lead is the only one that has publicly boasted about her culinary skills at an international function. It was exactly this time of the year- I was a delegate for one of Paradigm Initiative's conferences and Titi, a highly respected Google personality spoke about how she closed a deal with jollof rice.

I was quite impressed. I didn't get a chance to be close- I wanted to ask how she managed to cook and manage her role at Google. However, someone would again argue that whoever she cooked the jollof rice for could be male or female. While the identity of the person she cooked for may never be known- not many people publicly boast of their cooking skills at a regional forum- especially when French and English people are involved.

I digress. Let's move on.

Ever since Pastor Adeboye made the statement that his "sons" should not marry women that can't cook, the media space has been buzzing. From the supporters to the opposers- I will try to avoid mentioning Toke here, she is still hurt from her failed marriage. I can understand. But it's Okay.

Cooking for a man is, in fact, no big deal. But I think Nigerian women are unreasonable, worse off for the feminists- the equal rights activists who brand themselves as independent women but beg for transport money and recharge card money.

A man's role in a marriage or relationship or situationship is to provide (money) and offer security. Naturally, men hustle. The average Nigerian man's dream is to make it. So I can't understand how I slave all day doing menial, side or a corporate job to make ends meet and my wife refuses to cook for me. Unacceptable. Personally, I can't deal and not all Nigerian men can- forget the men who claim to be feminists, they are lying to you. It's not millennials, it is cultural.

What's worse, American women cook for their families in the movies and yet still work twice as much but Nigerian women sadly have nothing to offer than thirsty pictures and sex.

I have not seen any Nigerian woman that doesn't demand a valentine gift, recharge card, a house, car or something. Ask her what she is offering in return, just sex. Ask the man where the money is coming from, he is either making the cash or borrowing it. Imagine you telling him you can't cook for him? Heaven would truly fall.

I am quite sorry for the breed of women Nigerian is grooming. #WIfeNotCook can't work because we are still culturally inclined. Just like homosexuality is a big turn off for most of us because we are culturally bred.

And you wonder why men cheat? It's because of the little things like these. Quite frankly, it's your destiny to cook, clean and take care of the man but feminism is a disease that would make you think otherwise. If the roles were reversed and the men cooked and cleaned, I know a few women who are good at repairing electrical conduit pipes and killing snakes but not many can fix a kitchen zinc, a car tyre or kill a cockroach, talkless of a rat.

I'd like to see the roles reversed but its best I stick with my imaginations.

If you don't want to cook for your man, it's simple- accept your fate. Tell your current boyfriend- I seriously hope you are not married cos he will surely cheat. Keep your opinions of same-gender roles to yourself and don't scuttle the lives of young beautiful women who do not see cooking as a big deal and go as far as baking, grilling and barbecuing for their husbands.

Just keep quiet, would you?

The earlier you come to terms that men and women are not equal, don't have the same roles and biological capacities, the better you understand the reality of these things.

Woe however betide you, if you are chasing clout for the culture. That you are secretly cooking for several men but forming feminist here. That's the height of hypocrisy.