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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

What I still think about New Year resolutions

My New Year's resolution story is pretty funny if you ask me.

I still recall it like yesterday. I used this white cello tape to paste my New Year Resolutions on the wall in my room after listening to those funny aspire to refire, retire talks. I was barely 13 then.

Months later, I was struggling to prevent my New Year Resolutions from falling. I changed the tape, used gum(in fact).

At a point I let it fall. And in the middle of the year, while I was doing some in-house cleaning; I saw some blue ticks over the resolutions I made. There were too much for a single year, but that experience stuck with me years down the line.

The fact that there is so much significance around 31st, New Year celebrations and resolutions particularly astonish me. Now that I see it, a New Year is just new work, and stricter and improved methods- as a working class person. I will be working today- so what are we saying.

Nothing particularly changed for me.

What millennials still don't understand is that success is a game of lifestyle and consistency. And consistency is sometimes not tracked. My boss for example has been a writer for the last decade. Till date, he can't really say this was how he got "there."

All he could muster is consistency. "If you are consistent for a decade, you will end up somewhere lovely, he says.

That's why in February, the blue flame dies out. And for others, it is not even lack of passion- it is an immense drive to be what they are not. We are humans with different capacities and capabilities. Some level of fame cant get to you because your personality now may just scuttle it

Like the wisest creator that ever lived, he decided to give these things at stages. These breakthroughs, little by little.

So why worry yourself to death in your 20s over achieving everything and building houses, when there is a lifetime ahead of you?

Success is a game of attributes and not resolutions. If you don't fashion out a lifestyle that evaluates, critiques and scales your actions to a large scale, you will most probably end where you are. Year in, Year out.