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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Two things we should not let happen

Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, is sponsoring the Boko Haram De-Radicalisation Bill in Nigeria Senator Ibrahim Gaidam, is sponsoring the Boko Haram De-Radicalisation Bill in Nigeria

This would most likely be the shortest piece you've ever read. I will not take your time.

Fellow Nigerians...

There are two things we should not allow to happen in this country. If we really want to turn Nigeria's fortune around. The sad part of it is that both scenarios are slowly playing out and the eventuality of the reality is quite real.

Social media bill and rehabilitating Boko Haram insurgents will be the next worst thing to happen to Nigeria after 2016's recession, Kemi Adeosun's resignation and of course Naira devaluation.

If we let Boko Haram back into our midst, the gross dangers that abound in its aftermath would be unimaginable. It's as simple as the Osun State story- the soldier that murdered his whole family- and went all out on a killing spree afterwards, killing an innocent woman in the process.


The trauma of war is very terrible. The loss of innocence, similar to Jack's character in William Golding's "Lord of the Flies," very delicate. One moment, you are struggling to take one life. Another moment, you are a Pro, an expert- a fine wine, an expatriate- no stranger to the game.

If war is that bad that a military officer cannot reunite with his own, how much more a terrorist who has never known the warmth home, joy and love brings? Whoever is sponsoring this Boko Haram rehabilitation bill is secretly recruiting an army of terrorists amongst us.

The worst part is that they can spring upon us anywhere. They can make laws for us, contest offices, manage funds and do whatever. Why is Nigeria slowly opening her doors to Niger? Have you ever wondered why? Why the Boko Haram war is failing? Don't you suspect that whoever is letting these things happen-cabal or whoever is normalising insecurity? You think about it.

Why do Americans insist never to negotiate with terrorists? It's the same reason. People don't change. There is never such thing as repentant democratic or Boko Haram. It's B.S and we are buying it. Nigeria, where is your voice?

I loved the intensity of the social media bill outpour as well as the VAT advocacy. But we may soon lose the battle against the bill to regulate social media and rehabilitate Boko Haram if we let every fleeting second go without protesting or speaking out- no matter how many lives would be lost. The violent take it by force and its obvious our leaders don't care about us. Can't you see?

Someone will say this editorial is pessimistic. Yes. There is no hope. Maybe I should jump ship to Canada too. But if we let these two bills fly, we have opened Pandora's box, Nigeria will never be the same after this. Shey you are happy with the way VAT is taking 7.5% on your calls and texts- it will be worse when they arrest you for saying something as harmless as "no."