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Opinions of Monday, 13 January 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

The cycle of life

I can't count how many times I have said I would never love again.

For my friend, Segun, he has been blessed with the gift of many women.

But when he is just settling with one, you hear, "that babe fuck up."

You don't need to ask further, they are no more. Not dead. But you get my drift? Yeah.

Sometimes I wonder how many hearts would break and be broken before I finally find the one.

I have asked several questions in Sunday School sessions, met several married couples and asked the Golden question- How.

"How did you know this was the one?"

A typical Nigerian will say it's God. God led me. I am in my mid twenties and I am still hoping for that small still voice to guide me.

Maybe till then, I will join the WhatsApp group of God when.

As I reminisce about the future and this cute baby boy who refuses to wink at me in this bus; I realise that life is a cycle.

For this boy that is born, he will go on to live his life with his parents worrying about him every step of the way.

His academics, girlfriends, exuberances, excesses, a little cruelty and more. When he is 30, Mummy will ask him for grandchildren.

Till he in turn asks for his great grandchildren.

And life goes On.