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Opinions of Friday, 7 February 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

The Pelosi effect

Pelosi tearing State of Nation speech Pelosi tearing State of Nation speech

If you think this is about Trump and Nancy Pelosi's drama at the chamber of the United States House of Representatives, it's best you stop reading now.

For what's worth, who cares about the United States? They have made immigration policies for Nigerians more stringent. So why should I spend the rest of this piece writing about two seventy-something-year-olds in a battle of will against themselves?

The joy is the drama; they can't kill themselves as we do over here in Nigeria. Something similar happened between Saraki and Buhari in the eight senate. Otoge is the end of it.

Forgive me, I digress. So, what were we saying...the pelosi effect. Yeah!

The higher implication of Nancy Pelosi's action is not the tearing of Trump's speech- it's the rage of emotions at that moment. Something similar to the popular saying, "Hell hath no fury for a woman scorned." It could be termed a slip, a snub, an innocent mistake; but for a woman whose daily reality is emotions, it (emotions) will surely be the end of her.

I have seen the fury of a woman before. It has burnt down cities and towns and caused wars, damage, bloodied carnage. The moral of this story is that-- it's not good to get on the bad side of a woman and sometimes it only takes a little snub to rile up pent up emotions.

When Pelosi was asked why she tore up the speech, her response was the kill. "Because it was a courteous thing to do considering the alternative," she said. Which translates to if there was a gun, I would have blown your head off as a better alternative.

After the anger finally doused, she called Trump's speech a manifesto of mistruths. Another pointer that tells you once you get on the bad side of a woman, everything goes wrong. Everything you do is wrong, automatically. Be careful of the ones you work with!

This narrative will be vital in the years to come. It should, as a matter of fact, determine, inquire and question if women are emotionally intelligent to rule or hold position- In Nigeria or anywhere, considering the fact that their emotions always get the better of them.

But the equal rights activists are going to come after me for penning this one. I guess I should respond that it's the Pelosi effect. or Aftermath.