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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Thank God I don't own an Instagram account

The classic feminism argument when it comes to exposing cleavages and thighs is that a woman's body is hers and as such, she can do whatever she deems fit.

This can be said to be the reason for the popularity of the lewd content on Instagram with ladies dressing naked for stark IG Live sessions and pouring milk or palm oil down their bodies for fun and tiny scraps of money.

Personally, I find it disgusting and absurd. The more reason I am thankful for not owing an Instagram account- not like I don't have one. My Instagram is defunct. I was growing a good fan base on the app before I stopped.

Part of the reasons for my quitting Instagram two years back is an occurrence of what has now become a norm on Instagram. Things MC Galaxy, Slimcase and Tory Lanez are reputable for- having unclad women twerk on camera while arousing their inner groins for pleasure.

Everyone seems horny on social media and the best way to act upon it is to go blatant wild on IG live, providing national embarrassment for horny communities of nations.

One thing women indulgent in this act continue to forget is that- they have succeeded in providing entertainment for men. Something that if you ever watched Game of Thrones or Spartacus before, you would easily relate to.

In those series, women bodies were trophies to be used for all sorts of pleasure- when and how the men felt like. That's what Instagram has now become- a haven for men to be entertained all through midnight. At least if they can't have someone over in the lockdown; hiding secretly on Instagram by burning data is only but a small price to pay for guilty pleasures of the night.

This impression runs into the minds of men that women can be bought with money and so when they address you with derogatory terms knowing that it's the same you that provided quarantine entertainment while we were forced to stay home- you will get angry and tag them dogs.

Meanwhile, you sold yourself short for money on IG Live. Sadly the memory festers. No one takes you seriously as someone they would like to engage. And if you get to the point of marriage, you may have to thank God because our society is very cultural. No one generally associates with women who sell themselves short.

Many people would drag me for my thoughts but it is reality. Would you want to get married to someone who notoriously stripped themselves to the public admiration of many? Honestly ask yourself if you would consider the proposal.

There are things women should be very careful of, or it would backfire in their faces. What they do with their bodies lingers in the minds of men. And Like Toolz Oniru said, some consequences would bite you in the face.

It's not just Instagram Live, it's in the constant thirsty trips you serve us. the loosening of one bra strap, pouring milk, palm oil- using ashes or sanitizer oil. Those little cues. When decency is preached, it is beneficial for the women because they are the gender the society tackles the more.

And you don't have to agree with me on this one. But women get tackled more- it's a fact.

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