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Sugar Rush: The Review

Sugar Rush Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a pure case of money-miss-road in Nigerian parlance. When two sisters discover $800,000 dollars in a dead man's house, they did what any forward-thinking individual would do- cash out.

It was a very simple issue of petty theft turned highway robbery. The small odds became stakes and everyone became a shareholder.

Underneath, Kayode Kasum slowly tells the average Nigerian story of grass to Grace riches which hardly ever lasts and if it manages to, death may be closely calling too.

Sugar Rush is played by the trio of Bimbo Ademoye, Ex-Big Brother Naija star, Bisola Aiyeola and Adesua Etomi-Wellington as the three Sugar sisters stumble on immediate wealth after just recovering from 1st-grade poverty with a sick mother battling money for upkeep.

While Sola Sugar (Bisola Aiyeola) and Adesua Etomi-Wellington (Susie Sugar) debate what to do about their good fortune, Bola Sugar (Bimbo Ademoye) makes matters way worse by insisting they spend it.

Adesua is of the opinion that the money should be well spent- acquiring a one-way trip abroad, but her younger sisters just want to party. The average Nigerian mentality.

Funnily enough, the trio are enmeshed in the runs business of hustling their way off rich men to provide for the home. Susie Sugar does hers with class, while Sola Sugar is an upcoming runs girl who makes less than half her older sister. The last born is obviously the spoilt one with sharp mouth, Bola Sugar who is obsessed with living the life.

When their fortune changes; they actually live the life. They also drag Susie into a much bigger mess by acquiring cars, a condo and an all-white party thereafter.

Less than three days after making a huge killing, the EFCC and a deadly gang breathe hot fire down their neck.

Apparently Sola and Susie walked in on the dollars with 5 men dead around Chief. How the gang killed Chief without making away with the money before the girls came is a mistake or riddle Kasum couldn't solve in the movie.

Like how does that happen? Or maybe he would explain it in a sequel? Was it because the movie was shot within two weeks?

Slowly, the plot thickens into revenge when they learn several people want a taste of the money. It's not just the EFCC or the deadly gang; Sola's deadbeat boyfriend, Tobi Bakre who stars as Andy wants in too. He is no different from his on-and-off girlfriend. Like poles attract. He steals the remaining money stash after tricking her into sex.

The money becomes an "all to die for." Everyone wants in, even the late Chief's daughter, Gina who finally rounds the girls up in the opening scene.

As the plot moves from petty theft to armed robbery and a battle of revenge; Susie teams up with two embattled EFCC officers to get even with Anikulapo- the man who killed her father.

Sugar Rush is awesome, for a critic, there are no errors in lightning, angles, and sound. What I still don't get is why the girls twerk at different points when they are happy.

Jade Osiberu's criticism of the EFCC and the double plot works well. However, the web was too much at the near end. Double-crossing the villain with 4 evenly matched contemporaries all fighting for the same money was too much to pull off.

Bunmi Ajakaiye should slow down here. You don't double-cross the main villain with three others without everyone dying. I get it's a comedy and it had to be funny and sweet at the end.

However, making Adesua lose someone dear could have hit the movie home. But of course, this is the voice of a critic and not a script-writer.

If you are looking for everything with a bit of sense, try Sugar Rush. It is sweet, didactic and very thought-provoking, not to forget, hilarious. Definitely not a waste of time, Even though I strongly feel the title of the movie is underrated- and doesn't draw attention to the plot.

Worth the ban and the huge crowd that thronged in to watch it today.