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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Review of Yemi Alade's Lai Lai

If you are a song lover, you would most probably move your head to Yemi Alade's latest body of work, Lai Lai- if you are listening to the song for the first time.

If you decide to do a second listen, you would definitely move your body. Tapping your feet at work while listening to a song like this would not just be enough.

"Titi Lai Lai" which should have been the preferred title of this song is a love song with a promise. A promise dedicated to the artiste's lover to be faithful, money or not.

"Ale ma lo Dubai for summer but you know I gat you," is a really strong line in the song that reinforces the artiste desires to stick with her lover regardless of whatever monetary value he has.

With the advent of pop culture, we can say that is a long shot. Nobody sings about true love these days without promising to take you overseas. So if the love here promised is without money, it has to be really genuine.

The video is definitely not anything extra. Just Yemi Alade in some scenes. A very simple cut. However there is something about Lai Lai that makes it resonate immensely and deeply like "Johnny" which first endeared fans to this Afropop queen, many years ago.

It's the vocal performance on the song. Alade is on point here with the delivery and the vocals. The way she delivers the chrous, hook and verses is quite emotional. Better than "Oh my Gosh" or Ferrari and no, it's not a great song because it's a love song.

There is just something about the delivery that craves a second listen and a repeat. And a nostalgic feeling.

In a world where heavy bass beats and lewd, dry, and cliche lyrics are for sale, Yemi Alade tells us in Lai Lai that she still got it.

For that she gets an 8/10 and an encouragement to keep on churning songs like this, that bring us to terms with our emotions.