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Opinions of Monday, 8 June 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Rape is with us and will always be with us — Politician

I hope we can understand in this nation Nigeria that as much as we are saying #NoToRape there should be a system that promotes sexual education than those that clamour and merchandises the consumption of sexual contents.

If we must keep promoting Nudity, explicit or any sexually provoking content, we must make sure it is to a populace that understands the language of #NoIsNo a populace that understands that I am nude does not mean I want sex, I am at your place or I am with you does not mean you can have my body, I am home alone does not mean I am ho**ny, I got you sexually aroused in whatever form does not mean we must have sex or you must have it with an innocent kid out there. There must be a system that brings balance.

It is high time we understand that many among us are not like us, many lack self-control, many are insecure, many lack basic understanding, many are mad but few are roaming, but these special ones among us are accessing the same information we access (Uncontrolled sexual contents everywhere) even if their level of processing and understanding this information is way below.

In most of the so-called civilised nations, there is a balance, there are systems and programs that promote sexual education, self-awareness and sexual awareness, they record little or no overpopulation, accurate database, please permit them to flaunt or promote Nudity as much as they like, they've got the system in place to tackle any repercussions.

For us over here, take it as it may, Rape has been with us (This is a writer for another day) Rape is with us and will always be with us, the only difference is the exposure it is getting at the moment. Rape is an act that is practised in every part of the world, an act that leaves its victim with an everlasting scar, it is dehumanising and a stealer of self-esteem, but it is also an act punishable by law. Rape like every other crime, will not end. Any nation who's been able thus far to curb this dastard act is either keeping a strict law on decency (More like the Sharia) though there are lesser cases this is a method not overall as effective as a society with strong platforms that promotes sexual education because in this system, many cases are swept under the carpet since victims won't and can't speak out, for fear of threats to their own lives, I presume this method as one oiled in hypocrisy.

So let us say no to a system that permits Nudity without sexual education and sound awareness.

If we must have rain, then we should learn to deal with the flood.

by Hon Gabriel Collins Zegar

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