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Opinions of Friday, 6 May 2022


Nigerians are tired

M.KO. Abiola M.KO. Abiola

Hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue. This clearly enunciates the Nigerian challenge, hypocrisy has become a national symbol and an excuse for everything.

The Nation as we speak is fighting to stay alive with high inflation and a potential risk of a stagflation, very low economic growth, low human development index and general insecurity.

Despite all of this, it is sad some Nigerians still choose to play politics.
I was shocked when a spokesperson of Government recently defended the 2nd system collapse in one year in Nigeria.

It was akin to a student defending failure by saying he did better than others. I think, this need to be economical with the truth makes us look stupid in the end.

I repeat Nigeria is blessed with enormous potential but we need to harness the resources we have and we must shun corruption.

As at today we don’t have a working refinery and when you calculate all the monies we have spent on subsidies you wonder how we think.

We all envisaged that the global headwinds occasioned by COVID will bite harder in 2022 but we didn’t prepare for it.

Every sector as we speak is in a maelstrom from the University to the Aviation sector.

Our great country has become a joke in the eyes of the world. This is not the time to give excuses.It is the time for leadership to accept failure and find remediation.

The solutions are within reach, we must support small businesses to drive growth, we must remove subsidies, we must build refineries and we must truly introspect on our long term monetarism and see how different economic school of thought can help us.

We can also bolster our military and regain our pride of place in Africa. We must drive innovation by support of stem and Nigerians must vote in God-fearing leaders. It is essential.

Every Nigerian politician want to be like Abiola. They are not ready to make the sacrifices of Abiola.They forget that what made Abiola known was his love for humanity.

MKO Abiola’s love for humanity was unparalleled and you could see he wasn’t faking it. The recent political session has thrown up many Abiola wannabes, they use the Abiola name and try to draw direct correlation with his name.

I ask politicians how about building your own name and selling your programs to your people and encouraging them to believe in you.

It is obvious that most of them just deem it fit to use the Abiola name as a springboard for their campaign, the most shocking one I saw recently was a campaign slogan with Hope 23, directly taken from Abiola’s Hope 93.

My advice is that modern day politicians should leave MKO Abiola out of their campaign and focus on the problems facing Nigerians like poverty, corruption, high cost of living and insecurity.

It is also incumbent on politicians to stop making empty nauseatingly disturbing promises and focus on the welfare of the people.

Abiola’s name is respected because he did well. Nigerian politicians should also do well.