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Opinions of Saturday, 18 January 2020


NYSC and Skirts- a tale of lost priorities

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Someone said I have a dirty mind on the opinion of NYSC and skirts.

Who cares?

Back then in Jos, our biggest dilemma was time. There wasn't just enough time to do anything. That's majorly due to the fact that camping was a 3-week regiment and everything had a schedule.

For the adventurous me, I met several girls. My brother warned me to loosen up. I did. It worked for me.

But I loved OBS more and as Editor, schedule was tight. I had this cute girl then. It didn't exactly work out afterwards but in camp, I had fun. In fact I didn't have enough because she was willing to do more.

The best time to get it on was 8 at Mammy in some dark corner. Because surveillance in Mangu was too much! Herdsmen clashes and the fear- soldiers walked in on so many people getting their freak on.

The problem was the trouser. You can't easily drag it. Especially the shorts- if you had a woman with thick thighs.

That's why after CDS parole never really works. Guys paid visits on days when girls were relaxed, in thinner clothes that could be easily taken off without guilt or loss of interest.

If NYSC decides to get skirts, Sex-For-Posting will be rampant, I bet you. Sex for posting- would be so easy. Guys would be easily disadvantaged, on the flip side. All the big girls would get Lagos.

She doesn't need to pull down the tight trousers for the Local Government Inspector; she does needs to raise the skirt for a little fun.

Men in the Local Government would benefit graciously. And if you are posted to Jos, May you not die of pneumonia. The cold at 3am would make you regret countless times.

I personally believe NYSC should help people retain jobs than disengage them after a year. Corpers should be well treated and entrepreneurs and creatives duly rewarded with grants and scholarships.

Not some lame clamour for skirt as if it would change anything. Loss of priorities is a slow killer and the masses are no foolish than their leaders.

This is a clear evident example of the blind leading the blind. Hopefully, we realign. Our leaders would think we are clueless- maybe we truly are.