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Opinions of Saturday, 11 April 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Letter to Ogun

It had been written, predicted that a day like this would come. A day when robberies would become a norm because Nigeria has now descended into a shadow, a beast of itself.

I have heard that these so-called beasts of no-nations have become some brazen in some parts of Lagos, wielding a cutlass and scary-looking weapons to hound people for scarps of tiny change. In Ayobo, allegedly, I heard how these heartless hoodlums broke into shops without pity and made way with goods- that wasn't theirs.

The message of a looming recession and dangerous pandemic like this should be love, peace, oneness and a desire to protect each other interests. We have never been united as a nation, maybe because we are too diverse or maybe its the abject poverty and jealousy that we cannot hide when we see some of us live affluently.

Last year, ladies have gone missing, some have been kidnapped and robbed. Every time the pictures of these ladies are posted- one factor stands sure- they are pretty. If you look closely, they were returning from work and if you check the facts, they were isolated before they brutally murdered.

Personally, I have not enjoyed the need for cultists, agberos or hoodlums or even street urchins. If anything is to go by, they should be rounded up. However, we are in desperate times and the government has not been actually forthcoming.

It is only natural to rob people when your access to cashflow isn't coming. Similar to what Thomas Hobbes explained in the state of human nature. How the best of us can cause destruction to any sane society.

The aftermath is burning more tyres and keeping watch because nobody wants to die or be caught unfresh or off-guard. This is undue stress, especially for a poor and vulnerable population.

More than ever this is time for Nigeria to protect her own, not leaving it to the dogs. To the Ogun and Ibadan State Governors, posterity will judge you dearly if anything bad happens to your people. And it could surprise you that a revolution may just sweep Nigeria due to consistent attacks on your people.

I appeal to you as Governors who can be seen as monarchs of your constituencies to take care of the people that voted you in, now that we are all at home. If the Force is not enough- enlist the people and pay them for their services.

Together this scourge can be defeated and when the time for crime and punishment comes, we need to remind these hoodlums that now isn't the time to strike. Love must go with a strong fist.

I have you in prayers, we shall overcome!

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