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Opinions of Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Lessons from a poorly organised house party

The recent fate that has fallen popular actress, Funke Akindele can be described as a fall from grace, a setback or the combination of both.

The trajectory is like a movie- only that it is real and not fiction. It started with a harmless house party with more than the usual set of people, a video recording and the devil slowly began his work.

An angry mob took to Twitter and pressure piled on the Government's neck. Funke is influential and an astounding actress, but people are unpredictable- their love is unstable, like running water. The clamour began and that was where the work found root.

One thing led to another and Funke was arrested and her ambassadorship deals were cancelled in one swift moment, as her hubby succeeded in ruining a lifetime of achievement to shreds.

Yesterday, the good-natured actress was convicted. The apology thrown out of the window. They are many sides to this delicate matter and slowly we would achieve a well-detailed analysis.

In all honesty, I believe in the theory of evidence- no face, no case. Don't kiss and tell. Funke's husband, Abdulrasheed Bello a.k.a JJC skills looks like someone who would ignore the herbalist instruction and look back after carrying a blood sacrifice or, kiss and tell.

People generally forget that they are bigger than the law and nothing can reach them or maybe it’s plain carelessness. No, it is showbiz, like the entertainers usually say after they have pulled an unforgettable stunt in the hallway.

JJC Skillz forgot that you cannot fight a system you are in. You can't flout the law and shove it down people's throats. The public outrage is not the fact the COVID-19 is in the air; it is because of the “audacity,” the effrontery, he had to shove the video down our throats.

Then, there is the hypocrisy part.

Unfortunately, the Lagos State Government stepped up to act swiftly this time. We thought they would protect one of their shiny cats but the court judgment was quick and the arrest. Can we do this for the Europe returnees that spread COVID-19 into Nigeria? And the Politicians who attended that party abroad? Atiku's son and the influential Governors that attended that rally- they know themselves.

I have said this before- Funke will come out of this. C'mon it's mere community service and 100k. Which celebrity doesn’t have 100k? The stigma. The stigma hurts, Funke. But you will get through this.

I think JJC Skillz needs to take the voice of reason and do things carefully next time. Not everything is for hungry bloggers and newscasters- it could be your doom, you know. Slow down on the showbiz. Nothing was wrong in postponing your birthday till COVID-19 is over.

I think couples should talk more and discuss their plans before making silly mistakes. I hope it ends here and Funke doesn’t escalate matters.

Let this serve as a deterrent that no one is above the law. Me included.

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