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Opinions of Friday, 21 February 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Just another rant

For descriptive purpose only For descriptive purpose only

I won't write anything about what Pete Edochie said. Sometimes it's hard to spell that surname correctly.

I like our world now. Of clashing morals and pop culture. It's sad because it's the same double standards that reflects in politics. Look at Imo and Bayelsa.

Of course, women want to be kneeled to but not be forced to cook. APC thinks the Supreme Court and Odili won Bayelsa for PDP. But in Imo's case, na God.

On the other hand, Magu thinks corruption and coronavirus are hand-in-hand.

How does Nigeria become great in all of these? In the same madness, someone bans Okada and Keke because he doesn't like it and seeks control of the transport oligarchy or do we say godfatherism?

Can we categorically say Nigeria is a sinking ship? But Canada and UK won't accept us. The US feels threatened we are the most educated.

Nigerians are smart. But not smart enough to lead or make decisions.

That's why Lagos doesn't have a railway after many years of urbanization. That's why Lassa Fever doesn't have a cure. I had to rejoice in the spirit for Coronavirus getting a cure. In less than 3 months.

If Nigeria were China, we would all be waiting to die. Today, I am just pouring my mind.

Remember, that Nigeria's problems are not a function of politics. It's psychology. It's in our relationships. The bad temper. Road rage. Maryam Sanda's deep-seated jealousy. You, me and of course, our indiscriminate double standards and laziness.

That's why we are where we are and Anthony Joshua has a NIN. He's not Nigerian...hope y'all know that? How many of you have a NIN here?

I thought as much. Radio silence.