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Opinions of Friday, 3 April 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

How to kill boredom during lockdown

Getting bored during a lockdown could be real torture especially with people who are used to having hectic schedules. In this light, it is kind of important to keep busy so as not to feel the state of boredom as it does kill happiness.

When boredom sets in, it becomes really tough to kill time, as it will seem that it has stopped. It is pertinent to know that you cannot sleep all the time nor can you scroll Instagram feed which has people supposedly “enjoying” their life and not being bored.

But then, learning to kill time depends on your interests and what you really enjoy doing while bored.

Learn something new

Because lockdown isn’t a vacay, you should work at adding value to yourself at this time. Learn a new skill or add to you your existing knowledge by taking a new course online. It won’t hurt to try one of the many online or self-study options. Many are even free, so there’s no excuse for not broadening your horizons.

Watch Movies

Of course, Netflix is the only thing popular than Coronavirus right now and catching up with your favourite movies, series or soap operas wouldn’t be a bad idea. When you’re glued to watching an array of interesting movies, several hours would be passed just like that and you wouldn’t know it. Just make sure to have some snacks handy by the side.

Play Games

It might have been years since you last played a video game, they can be addictive but it is a great way to definitely kill time. When power fails, you can help yourself with other indoor games – ludo board game, chess, scrabble, your card games, etc. It is worthy to keep in mind that you do not start doing it all the time, every day.


Do you know that meditation is one of the most common ways to reduce stress? Many of us are not just not sold to the whole “Mind-Body-Spirit” thing. When you meditate, it gives room for fresh ideas and rejuvenates your mind. You are better focused as your being is involved in mindfulness and you are able to focus your mind on a particular object, thought, or activity – like starting a new business, improving your relationships and other positive things. It’s not like you’re doing anything right now anyway, so what have you got to lose?

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