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Opinions of Sunday, 6 February 2022


Friends, family, and associates rally support for Jennifer Atiku-Abubakar

Jennifer Atiku-Abubakar Jennifer Atiku-Abubakar

Marriage is no joke. To the people intending to flit in, have a good time, and jump out, perhaps the latest development in the divorce proceedings between former Nigerian Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and his estranged wife, Jennifer, is enough motivation to reconsider. And if this is insufficient, only personal experience will serve to show the way.

The marriage of Atiku to Jennifer has hit the rocks and hit them hard. As the former man and wife contend over how to settle the matter without resorting to a bloody separation, friends and associates of the duo are already taking sides. And Jennifer appears to have more people on her side than you will find on Atiku’s.

Why did the divorce take place in the first place? The gist is that Jennifer wanted to stay in London but Atiku refused. That disagreement stretched and spread into other things that both parties had been mulling over. That is Jennifer’s story, anyway. Others think she couldn’t abide Atiku’s tendency to marry a new wife every time he travels somewhere.

Not long ago, Jennifer released a statement that the proposed divorce was costing her more than she had planned to cope with. The relatives, friends and security aides of the former VP have allegedly started throwing things her way, from insults to threats. And being the smart woman she is, Jennifer panicked and wasted no time in leaving Nigeria for her former husband and his people.

Jennifer stated that she left her law firm (Miyetti Law), sold off her assets, and gathered her belongings to take refuge abroad once the calls started coming in. Worse still, Jennifer is reportedly not the only target of Atiku’s alleged thugs: her kids, relatives and friends are also facing the same squad firing threats from the shadows.

As expected, Jennifer’s report has won support for her from all over. More people have assembled to fight her cause than ever cared about her before the divorce proceedings. Granted, some are just taking advantage of the flow but it is evident that some of the informal interventionists really care about Jennifer’s life and Atiku’s reputation.