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Opinions of Saturday, 14 May 2022

Columnist: Rufai Oseni

EUREKA: The Jonathan game show

Former President Goodluck Jonathan Former President Goodluck Jonathan

The recent game played by former President Goodluck Jonathan is just indicative that politicians will be politicians.

The recent denial of any presidential ambition and reversal of that a day after to concretize his interest in the race is just an indication that politicians don’t really care about the people.

I think the Nigerian people always ascribe too much importance to politicians but they forget the politicians are more concerned about their own ambition and prospects than any morality the people require from them.

When the Jonathan game show started, I was quick to tell anyone that cared to listen that the former President is a politician and most politicians have no shame and crossing to the APC that once abused him was going to be the easiest thing for him to do.

With the Daily trust report today, that in fact, Mr Jonathan has crossed to the APC in otuoke wardin ogbeia LGA in Bayelsa. I am sure those that swore that Jonathan is so much a saint will now eat their words. I have always wondered why people believe a Nigerian politician so much.

I also was right to point out that reports from sources that President Jonathan was planning to run but he was looking for a concession of consensus because he didn’t have the financial might to compete. His recent movements and meetings were a firm indication of his intentions but most Nigerians still fell for his smokescreen.

I must reiterate to Nigerians after this Jonathan game show, that no politician is your saviour and all we should enforce should be the independence of our institutions because that is the only strong pedestal our democracy can stand. Our politicians will always play games and follow their ambition but it is the independence of institutions that can help us.

In my close analysis, I must confess that Jonathan is a prime candidate not because he was a former president but some Sources recently out of Asaba where the upper echelon of defence recently met had copious messages about the possibility of Goodluck Jonathan emerging the candidate of the cabal because if he emerges, he can only do 4 years but importantly he is found to be trustworthy by the Powers that be.

The singular feat of transition of power still surprises most of the people in President Buhari’s camp. As against the abuses and all the election fights, the former president and the current president have become friendly and they have forged a decent relationship.

I have also spoken to other sources about the Jonathan ambition, it is also noteworthy that President Jonathan's meeting with the APC chairman was based on his ambition. The question is, will Jonathan be the final plan or another candidate might be used? I must repeat that with politicians nothing is cast in stone and steady decisions might change.

It has to be stated that the Jonathan show obviously has a producer and director, but most importantly who the scriptwriter is, will matter a great deal. That is why I say in the political world only deals matter and not the interest of the people. All of this will get clearer from next week, if a deal isn’t done, then Jonathan might have to suspend his ambition because it would also be disgraceful for a Former president to fail at getting a party ticket. I will write again in the coming days.