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Opinions of Friday, 17 June 2022

Columnist: Rufai Oseni

EUREKA: Politicians should learn from Ejiro

Ejiro Otarigho Ejiro Otarigho

It has been a sad week for Nigeria with all the reports of killings and kidnappings, safe to say, Nigeria has now become a maelstrom of conflicting emotions.

The avarice of our politicians are never-ending, It has got to a point now that the devil himself shudders with righteous indignation. I am sure the devil will always mutter “this is demonic” at the news of another billion stolen from public coffers, pardon my exaggeration.

Despite all the madness and stories that over-exert my lacrimal glands, I must confess the story of Ejiro, the tanker driver has reestablished my hope in Nigeria.

I have always been an incurable optimist anyway, and I have always believed that our major problem is leadership, but when I see Nigerians that care so much for other Nigerians, Nigerians that see others as their brothers, I get so excited.

Ejiro was a tanker driver whose truck caught fire and he drove the truck, despite the fire engulfing the truck to a safe place to ensure no life was lost.

When Ejiro was interviewed he posited that he will rather risk his life than to watch another Nigerian die and I wonder what a great Nigerian he is. The shocking thing is in my dream land, I sometimes hope Nigerian leaders will be like Ejiro for a minute.

In a political climate dominated by bribery and entitlement where no one talks about service to the people, Ejiro has raised the bar so high and has become a symbol of Nigeria we want. I will like to call on our leaders to embrace Ejiro’s mindset of service because that is the true Nigerian spirit we all advocate every time.

Also worthy of mention is the crew of the overland plane, that had engine failure mid-air but landed the plane safely. The passion to save lives as exhibited in these scenarios is the stuff of legends. It just shows that things can work in Nigeria and miracles can truly happen.

I know most times, it is always the story of sorrow, tears and blood, but today great things have happened and we must all celebrate and most importantly, our leaders must learn from Ejiro.