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Opinions of Thursday, 28 April 2022

Columnist: Rufai Oseni

EUREKA: Election 2023: The Abiola wannabes are at it again

A photo of MKO Abiola on the campaign trail A photo of MKO Abiola on the campaign trail

Every Nigerian politician wants to be like Abiola.

They are not ready to make the sacrifices of Abiola. They forget that what made Abiola known was his love for humanity. MKO Abiola’s love for humanity was unparalleled and you could see he wasn’t faking it. The recent political session has thrown up many Abiola wannabes, they use the Abiola name and try to draw a direct correlation with his name.

I ask politicians how about building your own name and selling your programs to your people and encouraging them to believe in you.

It is obvious that most of them just deem it fit to use the Abiola name as a springboard for their campaign, the most shocking one I saw recently was a campaign slogan with Hope 23, directly taken from Abiola’s Hope 93.

My advice is that modern-day politicians should leave MKO Abiola out of their campaign and focus on the problems facing Nigerians like poverty, corruption, high cost of living and insecurity.

It is also incumbent on politicians to stop making empty nauseatingly disturbing promises and focus on the welfare of the people.

Abiola’s name is respected because he did well. Nigerian politicians do well.