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Opinions of Monday, 9 May 2022

Columnist: Rufai Oseni

EUREKA: Air Peace and terrible delays

An illustrative image of an aircraft owned by Air Peace An illustrative image of an aircraft owned by Air Peace

It has to be stated that the Nigerian aviation sector is broken and needs reforms. Across the board, the neglect for passengers has become unbearable and the airlines feel they are doing the passengers a favor.

Only recently some passengers attacked an airline due to delayed flights. On seeing the story, I berated those passengers until I stopped and introspected the level of frustration they might have faced.

This cancellation of flights has become a norm and nobody pays for wasting the passenger's time. I think Nigerian passengers must have to start making claims against the Airlines in a bid to get some relief.

The Airlines always quote operational problems and there is no end to this problem. Recently my 6 pm flight from Asaba to Lagos did not leave Asaba until 12 midnight on Monday morning. At first, the flight was moved to 8 pm and we finally left at 12 am in the morning from Asaba.

The shocking part is that Airpeace had no apologies or remorse for its passengers. The attendants of Air Peace even confirmed that sometimes the 6 pm flight for Airpeace could be delayed for 6 hours.

The shocking part is the lack of any form of compensation for the lackluster service. I have thought closely about starting a customer Union of some sort for frequent flyers in Nigeria. I also believe that Airline regulators must step in and force some level of accountability on the Airline.

The Nigerian problem keeps bedevilling every sector and sometimes must give at a point.

Source: Rufai Oseni