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xxxxxxxxxxx of Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Source: Salim Yakubu Akko

Curbing tribalism in Nigeria

The strong horses that gallops the massive development of Nigeria are woefully breaking down to the extent that could be very difficult to rescue the upcoming dreamed better Nigeria in the near forthcoming years. This is cushily and undeniably comprehensible considering the high degree of tribalism and its great evils that has in this country.

Tribalism has become the car that accelerates the peaceful coexistence in this country nearly impossible. Whilst we all know that peace is the backbone and regidity of any well-known developed country in the entire world, including the developed America, United Kingdom, France, German, China and other well developed countries. However, we all know that peace is the key that unlocks the brighter and a paramount future for any country. So, what would be the future of this country as the leading developmental tool of this country is undeniably falling apart due to the heavy unwanted burden of tribalism among the citizenry of this country?

However, in my view, the great percentage of some barbarous acts committed in this country are sometimes caused by the monstrous blaze of tribalism. One would feel free to commit an offence, in the view that his tribesmen are in the higher ranks and will definitely battle with all power and might to scot him free whence arrested by the arm forces. Whilst this would send the entire people in to big troubles.

Furthermore, the molten magma's rain of rape is also a major factor of worrisome to all nooks and crannies of this country. The cause of this vicious and dastard act is manifestly visible in our societies. A family would deny a love between couples who have deeply fall in love;claiming that one is from a certain tribe, thinking that a certain tribe is full of dirty acts, such as voodooism, rivalry and so. In the end, one can not be patient enough to tolerate the pain. However, he would later decides to rape the girl, and this will later subject the family, the girl and the boy in to a serious dilemma.

Moreover, The escalating problem with tribalism is the lacking of prominents, reliable and competent leaders in this country. During political elections people tend to vote their tribesmen, in spite of the knowingness of what might happen whence they get elected. People think the best way to have a great power in a particular country is by voting a member of their tribe during elections. Whilst there are well defined candidates from other tribes that are competent enough to derive the leadership of a particular community or a country. You can all see, nowadays, how tribalism became a bedrock of causing bad leadership that suffers the generality of citizens in this country.

Towards this end, we must love and respect each other. We must fight genocide and hatred in between us. We must look at each other and behave as brothers and sisters, irrespective of one's tribe. We all know, a sage one says " A country is built by two hands,".

In the same vein, it is possible to curb corruption;it is possible to alliviate poverty;it is possible to build a new peaceful world;it is possible to abate violence in between us and it is possible to bring insecurity to an end. But, this can be done only if we bury the feeling of identity to our tribes.

I rigorously, wholly and doubtlessly believe if we embrace the idea of cosmopolitanism, the rate of suicide, rape, corruption, bad leadership, poverty and other numerous things will incalculably drastically reduced, if not totally eradicated.

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