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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Columnist: Salim Yakubu Akko

Building peace in Nigeria

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As a country of 60 years in existence, Nigeria is currently playing a game of 'Death or Alive'. It is without doubt that there is an unwholesome backwardness in economy, education, health and numerous other indices of progress and development. Saddled with this avalanche of challenges, the most worrisome, is the lack of peace in the country, which is undeniably the bedrock of every pillar that holds the fortunes of every society in quest of sustainable development.

We all know that peace is the backbone of development. Therefore, when there is no peace in a country, nothing will likely wear the shape of greatness. Because with only peace, we can set and move our life elatedly in a pace that is devoid of any hindrances. In fact, only with peace we can think of a brighter today, therefore motivating the possibility of a promising future that bespeaks of heroes and heroines.

However we can not continue with the current threat to the possibility of greatness so long as the country continues to wallow in what is our today's unfortunate scenarios. The wave of armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry, and other insecurity menaces must be put to a halt so long as we envision a peaceful society. There is hardly a day when there are no reported cases of armed robbery, kidnapping and many crossmatch cases as dittoed. In Nigeria, lives and property are no longer safe.

To bring a solution to the menace of insecurity, which both directly and indirectly affects our progress and development as a country, we must ensure that we start with electing competent leaders that are ready to serve the country well without descrimination. That is, leaders that are also ready to serve everyone irrespective of one's tribe, religion, or affiliations. Let everyone feels a sense of belonging.

In the same vein, government at all levels should be serious about the safety of citizens. There should not be compromising. Anyone found guilty of offence, especially that of threat to peace, should be pursued to the court and never be let scott-free. This will set an example as well a chastisement to those who might have the interest of being a threat to the serenity of citizens.

I strongly believe it is possible to eradicate insecurity, it is possible to avert any threat to our country's growth and development; but unless citizens are responsible and they learn to consider competency over any other unyielding characteristics that are selfishly driven, and governments too bestowed with the trust of delivering nothing but the best being responsible, we will continue to wallow in even more disastrous menaces.

Salim Yakubu Akko is a writer, poet and journalist in Gombe State. He
is a member of Gombe Jewel Writers Association and Hill-top Creative
Art Foundation.

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