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Opinions of Thursday, 30 January 2020

Columnist: Promise Eze

Boko Haram: Danger Of A Single Story

To say that Boko Haram is bent on slaughtering every Christian it can lay its hands on is very accurate. But there's another side to this long-held narrative.

A lot of Christians may find it hard to believe that BH also murder, maim, dismember, bludgeon and rape Muslims or probably they are only wont to ignore the fact that there are many Muslim girls languishing in the gulags of the terror group.

Boko Haram kill Muslims. The evidence is there. Only a few days ago suicide bombers attacked several mosques in Borno. Muslims were killed, some had their limbs ripped off. Many became childless and fatherless. Muslims are also at the receiving end of this violence.

I watched a documentary some time ago about young Muslim girls who were abducted by BH to serve as sex slaves. Now imagine I walk up to their parents and say, "Hey! Shut the hell up! BH only abduct and rape Christian girls." Imagine the pain they'll feel deep inside.

Boko Haram claims to have an Islamic agenda. To buttress this fact its fighters quote Quranic verses before slaughtering or beheading their captives. They chant, "Allahu Akbar" as they raid villages, pillage barracks, bomb schools, shoot market women and gun down laymen.

On beheadings, you should be aware that BH also behead Muslims most especially apprehended Muslim soldiers. You should also be aware that Boko Haram fighters chant "Allahu Akbar" when they kill other Muslims. In fact, it is not easy to decipher the intent of this terror group.

I am a Christian but at the same time I am an objective observer. I take time to read books written by authors from two opposing angles. I take time to listen to two opposing sides. It is wrong to cherry-pick opinions that fit your biases and leave the truth to rot.

Thousands of people are being displaced. They are squatting in makeshift camps battling with hunger and pain. Many have lost family members; daughters, brothers, aunt, grandmothers to the cruelty of these terror groups. These victims are not Muslims alone. They comprise Christians, traditionalists, Muslims. These victims cut across adherents of diverse faiths.

Yes, BH draws its ideas from the Qur'an and the hadiths. It has been alleged to be sponsored by jihadists from the Middle-East or elsewhere. This is an indisputable fact. But how about the victims? Should we shut our ears to the cries of Muslims who are caught in the web of this malfeasance?

Well, on Boko Haram and its distorted and gruesome Islamic agenda, which I will keep mute about.

Boko Haram is a friend to no one- Christians, pagans and Muslims alike. Anyone who dares to speak up against it is bound to be attacked.