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Opinions of Monday, 25 May 2020

Columnist: MyNigeria

Before you donate to the GofundMe for Cynthia Morgan, READ THIS

Since Cynthia Morgan went on social media to call out her former record label boss, Jude Okoye, many Nigerians have been sympathizing with her. However, only a few have been able to wait to hear the other side of the whole story from Jude Okoye.

Those who have been carried away by her emotional outburst have been asked to donate whatever sum to a GoFundMe account to help resurrect her career which looks dead.

Cynthia Morgan had accused Jude Okoye of preventing her from making use of her name after she left his record label before their contract expired. She also accused him of taking her Vevo and Instagram accounts from her. All of these she says led her into depression.

Jude on his own part stated that there's no way he could stop her from using her name which was given to her by her parents. He also stated he hasn't bothered her with lawsuits despite the fact that she failed to abide by the contract she signed. That is just to bring you up to speed on the issue between both celebrities.

What really bothers me is that some ignorant folks are seriously considering resurrecting her career with their hard-earned money. This is almost like saying Nigeria no longer have IDP's or orphanage homes that need help.

Ask those who may have contributed to the GoFundMe project if they've ever helped those they see on Facebook with health conditions in need of financial assistance for surgery or so. They will simply have no answer to give. Yet they are eager to help Cynthia Morgan who is totally the opposite of what a role model should be.

What they simply want to resurrect is someone who sings about sex, drugs and alcohol. Someone who promotes moral bankruptcy. Why? All because she shed a few tears and demonised someone else while painting herself to be a saint.

Whatever has befallen her is as a result of her own hands. I would recall how she was evicted from her home in Omole Estate, Lagos. She was heavily in debt and was living a wayward lifestyle on top of it.

During the court case with her Landlord, a source told Saturday Beats:

“Ever since she moved into the apartment as a tenant, the owner of the building has described her as a nightmare.

"At a point, the owner of the house didn’t even know who was staying in the flat because every day, new faces showed up at the apartment and they would leave the gate open at odd hours.

"Young scary looking boys with different hair colours come around and they smoke in the compound.

"They disturb the couple living in the flat upstairs, who have been complaining that they can’t even let their kids play in the compound because of the type of people they see around.

"She has owed waste bills for over a year. They always play loud music at odd hours of the day. Funnily enough, the man who lives upstairs is a popular celebrity designer.

"His wife always complains that her home help sweeps cigarette butts everywhere all the time. Cynthia Morgan decided at a point that she was going to be recording in her room.

"When the noise was too much, the owner of the house had to talk to her about it. She has been given quit notice. The six months grace period is up and she was meant to have moved out last month. She is flat broke.

"She owes N1.3m. She was also served court papers for not paying up to N3.584m in tax,” the source said.

If Cynthia Morgan successful gets back into music again using whatever she made from the GofundMe account, then be rest assured that she will go back to the same lifestyle again. She will because that's what she sings about and will be bound to live the life. Why am I certain of this? Because she has failed to point out her own faults while demonising others.

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