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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Columnist: Dr Nnaemeka Obiaraeri

Afghanistan: Lessons for Nigeria

Boko Haram fighters Boko Haram fighters

The United States of America invested almost a trillion dollars fighting the Taliban (jihadists and incubators of terrorism) in Afghanistan. The US propped a government in Kabul, equipped their forces with the most modern military wares and provided them with air cover.

Weeks bfore the US fully pulled out its forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban eventually took over the reins of power in that country. Some analysts have attributed the successes of the Taliban and the ease at which they overran the country to their supposed ruggedness, the atrocious fighting terrain there and the never-say-die spirit of the Afghan people.

However, the same analysts forgot that the Afghan government forces are also Afghans, with the same ruggedness and spirit. What we can clearly deduce from the ease at which the Taliban gained ground weeks after the US pulled out its forces is the fact that a majority of the Afghans and the military boys propped up for 20 years by the US are in love with their Cave Age religious and jihadist ideologies. They are not cowards. They are simply handing over their country to the mullahs to govern them based on their jihadist ideological leaning. There is no magic here or any super human strength that anyone can attribute to the Taliban.

Incidentally, it is the same sorry situation we have in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Army and military forces are unable to contain the virulent spread of Boko Haram, ISWAP and bandits because they have sympathisers and those, who share in their ideologies at top places of power in Nigeria. If the ethnic nationalities in the South and Middle Belt break away from this contraption called Nigeria today, in less than 16 weeks, ISWAP and kiler Fulani herders and bandits will likely take over the whole of the North-West and North-East.

What is happening in Afghanistan today is a big lesson, foreboding and warning to the political office holders from the South and Middle Belt on the need to force a total restructuring of Nigeria or wait for the worst case scenario.

Nigeria as currently structured is sitting on a tinder box. Today, we have an army and those in power, who are gifting thousands of worse than Taliban like terrorists of the Boko Haram and killer bandits stock with amnesty and integration, while agitators, who demanded an end to the terrorist activities are haunted and hunted like irritant flies.

No military forces or might can defeat such jihadist ideologies. It is a ticking time bomb.