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Opinions of Saturday, 15 January 2022

Columnist: Kenneth Uwadi

2 Years in Office: A garland for Governor Hope Uzodinma

Imo State Governor, Governor Hope Uzodinma Imo State Governor, Governor Hope Uzodinma

I admire some political leaders. I admire leaders that are people’s welfare conscious, leaders that do not believe in hanky- panky games, leaders that are out to work for the people. I admire men of action, men of hope, men of the people and men of sincerity. In Ohaji/Egbema where I come from, I admire Goodluck Nanah Opiah. Opiah is one of such Leaders. Leaders like him must not slip the hands of Ndi-Imo . The present Governor of Imo state, Senator Hope Uzodinma is also one of such Leaders. Uzodinma is doing well. I admire him.

I am not the type that can be swayed by the current loud noise of desperadoes and political thieving cabals in Imo who were once in Government House as number one citizens of the state and as this and that but could not record any meaningful development for the state. These people are all over newspapers, radio and television speaking about governor Uzodinma, trying so hard to make the state ungovernable. Each time I read about their pains over Uzodinma, I understand the pangs of their dashed aspirations of 2019 and their unreasonable expectations of 2023. Their 2023 hopes of taking over Imo are pipe dreams and impossibilities. These political carcasses and torn coats are not happy with the new Imo state with Uzodinma at the centre of things. They want the old order. In the old order, they were in charge of stealing public funds. They are all over the media today making empty noise .We cannot forget the saying that an empty vessel makes the loudest noise.

I join millions of Ndi-Imo to applaud Governor Hope Uzodinma for his 2 years in office. . In the political parlance of Nigeria, it is not easy to glorify one's achievements. Should the past governor of Imo and his thieving cabals that are currently visiting media houses to speak nonsense, visit Owerri today, one is pretty sure that they will be dumbfounded to see the level of road transformation and development, the goodwill of which they squandered in their time. Indeed, the general transformation and progress recorded by Uzodinma in the areas of basic health, road construction, Security, Revenue generation, Agriculture, Land Administration, Commerce and Industry and Education, among others are so much that they have become sources of envy and jealousy for the anti-progressive elements in and outside the state. Their permutation was that Uzodinma was going to fail. But God pass them.

Some of the governor’s landmark achievements include efforts made to contain the Covid-19 pandemic in the State including the rehabilitation of 305 health centres across the State. The steps, so far taken to recover the looted assets of the state have rekindled the Hope of Imolites. The recovery of stolen assets of the Imo Transport Company (ITC), the former Eastern palm university, Ogboko, which is now fully state owned and rightly renamed, “Kingsley Ozumba Mbadiwe University”, Ogboko, the Royal Spring Palm Hotels, IBC quarters just to mention a few. Efforts made towards the recovery of the wealth of Imo people like the oil wells are also commendable.

Most people are like fowls who after eating, brush their mouths on the ground as if nothing has happened. Conversely, the present politics is a good season for unprincipled and kleptomania social media reporters who report from the two sides of their mouth. All these are some of the reasons why we should not be so much disturbed by any wrong impression created by the opposition against a hard working and performing leader as Uzodinma , No matter how much you hate him, his numerous roads rehabilitated and reconstructed across the state are there for all to see. The terrible state of roads in Imo state before his arrival was known to all. He has also used the instrument of the law to cancel the bloated pension for Ex-Governors, which took a toll on the State treasury. He also provided free bus shuttle for Civil Servants, to convey them to work and back, from different ends of the State. One must not fail to also commend the governor on Security. He rolled out more than 100 Innoson Pick Up Vans for operation search and flush, consisting of all security personnel in the state coming together as one to fight crimes and other forms of criminality in the State. The impact of the security agencies in the state has been widely felt. We know the insecurity in the state in the past was politically sponsored. But God pass them.

What about the total renovation of Dan Anyiam stadium and other projects to boost sporting activities in the State, prompt payment of salaries, revamping of Adapalm, upgrading and putting into use the ICT Centres in all the Local Government Areas. And other developmental projects and programmes too numerous to mention. Eto Dike Na Nke Omere,Ome Ozo. Governor Hope Uzodinma Mbuola!

-Kenneth Uwadi lives in Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State, Nigeria