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Entertainment of Saturday, 11 September 2021


Why there is peace among Fuji musicians —RK1

Alhaji Rahmon Akanni, popularly known as RK1 Alhaji Rahmon Akanni, popularly known as RK1

Alhaji Rahmon Akanni, popularly known as RK1 is a sought-after Fuji musician. In this interview by SEYI SOKOYA, speaks on development the Fuji genre of music and other issues. Excerpts:

You have been around for a while, what is new about RK1? 

The industry has been fair to us through the help of God and we have been able to continue our quota to the development of the Fuji music industry. Our works are speaking good volumes in the genre and my fans have never had reason to regret my intellectual works. The fresh thing about me is that I just released a new record entitled, “Increment”. It was released three days after the recent Eid El Kabir celebrations and the response has been so encouraging. People, especially our fans, feel our brand in a different dimension and we cannot hesitate to ignite their spirit with more interesting music.

In the fuji industry these days, there has not been much noise or open rifts among fuji musicians unlike before. What do you think is responsible for this development? 

The thing is, there is no problem in the fuji industry, things are going smoothly and there is harmony. Everyone is minding his business. If we have to do things collectively, we meet and do them, and we are happy with one another.

Some people have said they faced challenges in producing a record. There has not been a lot of promotion or publicity on the release of albums. Your recently-released album as wellbut the public didn’t hear much about it. What went wrong? 

The economy of the country is the cause of it. Albums that people used to buy for ₦100 are now around ₦200 to ₦250. Most companies that produce CDs are striving to survive. Marketers are not investing in projects anymore, because of poor returns on their investment. So, everybody is into other businesses that are not related to music production. Now, marketers are so careful because of the economic situation in the country. We pray that God fixes our economy so that things can bounce back. The better option is now online and many musicians even beyond Fuji are tapping from online promotion and sales.

There haven’t been many activities in the association of Fuji musicians. What is going on?

No, we are all together and things are moving the way they ought to. The thing is, back then, musicians would throw jabs at one another, sing abusive songs and all that, but now, God has put love in our midst and we are enjoying a new atmosphere of peace.

The mindset or perception that people had of Fuji has changed now because all the musicians are striving to be successful in the industry as opposed to what we knew before. Now, our children are successful in their various endeavours, they are getting prosperous, they have started to appreciate the importance of education. With this, you will agree with me that it is a new atmosphere. Fuji has changed. People have focused on things that will add value to their lives, many Fuji musicians, especially those whom God has blessed richly to invest in properties, hotels, and other lucrative businesses. Fuji musicians are now serious, but many are on low-key about it.

Are you saying that music alone is not enough to put food on the table of musicians?

From the look of things, people are already preparing for their retirement; we are now wiser. Every fuji musician is prosperous and we have seen the need to diversify which will make life better for us when we don’t have much strength on stage.

Recently, you paid a visit to K1 in his house, what was the visit about?

One of my children got married and Alhaji K1 D Ultimate was at the wedding, he supported and stood as a father, so I had to go and show my appreciation after the wedding.

You have released a lot of songs and at the same time organised shows, would you say you prefer stage performance to releasing songs? 

I released a song one time and it did well, but as I have said previously, the present economy is bad. As for shows, we organise and attend shows a lot now even more than before. This has helped improved life and makes my music meaningful.

Nigeria’s security situation is affecting every part of the nation. How is it affecting your career? 

It is affecting everybody, but God will keep protecting us. If I am called for shows, I attend and pray about the journey. I pray that God helps our leaders to be successful in curbing insecurity. Whenever we have shows that will involve long-distance, we are always scared, but we’ll put our journeys into God’s hands.

What do you think the government can do on the issue of insecurity? 

The government is trying, but they should also allow people to assist and support them in the fight against insecurity.

You recently had your birthday, looking back on your musical career, would you say you have achieved enough? 

We will have to keep on praying. We will keep on progressing. When our music legends have not retired and are still progressing, we will also keep pressing on. I thank God for where I am coming from, where I am today and where I am going.

How many years have you been in this industry and how have you fared so far?

I have been in this industry for about 40 years, and I thank God for all He has done, we are not striving in vain, we are progressing by the day. Our children are also successful.

How have you sustained your style of music? 

You know there is talent and there is also imitation. When God gives you talent, things will go smoothly; it will be different from a person that is just doing it. But because I have got the talent from my parents, I had the opportunity. If I have an idea now and I develop it, it will be different because it is a gift.

Despite the fact that you are in your mid-50s, you lookfit. What is your secret?

I keep my mind at peace and I rest well. I believe that we might be on the same route but we have different destinations. I am not fazed by anybody; my focus is on my destination. I don’t let anything bother me, I believe in God and I pray, I don’t exceed my boundaries or look for something beyond my power.

Do you mean you have never competed with anyone in the industry? 

I am not in competition with anyone; neither do I have a rival.

Is that the reason why things are different in the fuji industry now?

The truth is that many musicians matured and have become fathers with children and grandchildren now, so things like that have stopped. People are older and more exposed, nobody wants to abuse the other, what they talk about now is their achievements.

Young Fuji musicians are hardly seen in the mainstream. Have the older ones fully dominated the Fuji circle?

There are lots of young Fuji musicians flourishing in the industry, but you know that the older ones are like mentors to them, so they watch their steps too, they even have more privilege to learn from our mistakes. I would say that everybody is trying to live their best life. Nobody wants to be recognised as a troublemaker anymore. So, because of this, Fuji musicians now are wiser. The industry is big enough for everyone to succeed.

I would advise that every up-and-coming Fuji musician should be diligent and choose this career as one where they would be successful and by so doing, they must be responsible, focused, humble and prayerful.

There is the notion that any Fuji musician’s stage performance usually ends in chaos. Why is it so?

No, this is the era of decent Fuji. So, there is no problem at all.

If you had not gone into music, what would have been your career choice?

If I didn›t choose to be a musician, I would have liked to be very knowledgeable, to be someone who sources knowledge. I would have liked to be a better worshiper of God. If I didn›t go into music, I would be educated, someone who is very knowledgeable in my field. We put effort into thinking deeply while writing my songs.

Is it true that the entertainment industry and even celebrities that canvassed for the present government are regretting their actions with the current state of the country occasioned by the politicians they canvassed for?

No, it is not a bad idea for celebrities to canvass support for the government. They can still make use of actors, artistes, and even musicians even for subsequent campaigns. The most important thing is for us as Nigerian citizens to make wise choices when voting in those who would lead us, making decisions that will not affect us negatively.

We have seen you are affiliated with politicians and those in the government, would you consider going into politics?

No, nothing like that. I’ve been a musician and that is what I intend to continue to be.