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Why mixing your relationship and social media is like mixing oil and water

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Let's be honest, we've all been in that phase where we see this cute couple online and it's just them on the screen living your own dream — the perfect fantasy, the perfect love life.

But when it comes to relationships, social media can be the thorn threatening the roses.

Here are tips to avoid to be caught up in the trend of clout dating online.

Wake up

It's not wrong to desire an exquisite relationship, but we must remember relationships are a blend of ups and downs. One moment, one person may not be pleased with the actions of the other, and in another moment, you might find yourselves enjoying a romantic dinner date. We're all human, and it's crucial not to forget that we all have our downtimes.

The glossy world of social media often paints an unrealistic picture of relationships. People tend to showcase only the highlight reels — the vacations, the surprise gifts, and the smiles. But behind these carefully curated posts lie the real substance of a relationship — the challenges, disagreements, and moments of vulnerability. These aspects are what make a relationship genuine and deep.

Avoid comparison

It's funny how the couples you see online just decide to post videos of their trip to South Africa or Bora Bora but they are struggling to pay house rent back home.

But there's you who's comfortably happy with your spouse still keeping the romance alive, going on quiet dates, gifting each other on a friendly budgets, yet you end up comparing yourselves to the hypervisible TikTok couple that always gets money, flowers and expensive jewellery.

Mind you, some couples actually are true to themselves and what they post online about their relationship, but let's remember that people only show you the side they want you to see. There's more to it than meets the eye.

Have social media timeouts

This is an advice not often given to couples but it’s important to remember to be true to yourself. No matter how much we deny it, being on social media has an effect on us and affects relationships around us.

Sometimes we see so called perfect couples online and begin to feel lonely in our own relationships — this is self sabotage, denying your relationship happiness before it happens.

Learn to set time limits to your media platforms, go on an evening stroll with your partner or, for those in long distance relationships, call each other while doing things as basic as house chores. That time alone without any social media interference is needed.

Not everything needs to be posted

Your body too hot, from, "You guys, my boyfriend just bought me this one million dollars hair," to, "I bought him a BMW on his birthday," you want to talk about everything online. Not everyone cares or needs to know what's going on between you and your partner. Also, let the singles breathe.

Some people even go as far as sharing intimate problems in their relationship that should never leave the bedroom walls. Ladies and gentlemen, these private experiences strengthen the bond between partners, creating a sense of security and trust that can be hindered by the constant need for public validation.

By reserving some moments solely for each other, you ensure that your connection remains authentic and unblemished by the pressures of the digital world. Now watch your sex life, personal life and other things become better.

Ultimately, what truly matters in a relationship is the depth of your connection, not the number of likes or comments on a post.