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Entertainment of Saturday, 1 January 2022


Why I’m addicted to sex toys - Karen Ajimobi

Karen Ajimobi Karen Ajimobi

Nollywood actress cum plus-size model, Karen Ajimobi is one of a kind.

The  outspoken script Interpreter in an encounter with Saturday Sun revealed the reasons she finds sexual satisfaction in sex toys.

According to the Living With Baami actress, she is also indifferent when it comes to her choice of men. “I’m spec-less when it comes to men. In fact,  I love intentional men; men that pay attention to little details. I fancy men that smell good,  have a great sense of humour, but he must be a good kisser. I also don’t mind dating a much older man. I’m indifferent. If he does it for me, why not?

“However, on the flip side, men with body or mouth odour are my turn-off. Also, he must not show any sign of mental disorder or nonchalant attitude towards certain issues, I can’t deal with such men.”

Ajimobi also maintained that she is not ready for marriage anytime soon, but gave hints on how she sustains her sex life.

“Marriage is not part of my to-do list for 2022, and I am not even expecting a marriage proposal. As for the cold, lonely nights, sex toys will do it for me. I don’t even have a favourite sex toy, I am just after my sexual satisfaction at that moment. I can count the number of men I have had sex with, most likely less than 10. I can literally finger count them.”