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'They didn't steal, nor kill' - Georgina Onuoha calls for release of 100 arrested gays in Delta State

Arresed gays and Georgina Onuoha Arresed gays and Georgina Onuoha

The arrest of accused crossdressers in Delta state who were all picked from a recent gathering has prompted a response from US-based Nigerian actress Georgina Onuoha.

At a gay wedding ceremony in the state on Tuesday, August 29, approximately 100 suspected crossdressers were detained, according to the Asaba headquarters of the Delta Police.

While several of the young men involved were being interviewed by the media, security personnel paraded the accused.

Georgina fervently demanded the release of the alleged guys on social media, citing the fact that they didn't damage or kill anyone.

She argued for their immediate release and claimed that they weren't to blame for Nigeria's issues.

She wrote: "Leave these people alone. They did not kill, steal, or harm anyone. They are not the cause of Nigeria's demise and predicaments. Let them live their lives. You that are busy committing fraud, sleeping around with married men and women, lying etc.

"You are no better than these folks living their lives. Until many of you work in the medical field and understand the mechanisms behind sexual orientation, you will continue to live by the preachings of hate many con artist who call themselves pastors have poured into you as preachings. I laugh at the stupidity of some Nigerians who still believe that sin has categories and being "gay" is the worst of.. You are only deceiving yourself. In the eyes of God, sin is sin and many of you indulge in worst sins."

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