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Entertainment of Wednesday, 10 August 2022


Temmie Ovwasa explains her decision to cut ties with her mother

Temmie Ovwasa Temmie Ovwasa

Former YBNL signee, Temmie Ovwasa has expressed her happiness at severing relations with her mother.

During a question-and-answer session on her Instagram story, the 25-year-old made this statement in relation to her tense relationship with her mother.

In response to a query on how it felt to break links with her mother, Temmie, who revealed that she had a traumatic childhood, said it was difficult to break ties with her mother, but she is pleased she did.

She claims that her mother is “caught up in the lies, toxicity, and abusive cycles” just like many other women.

“I’m glad she’s no longer in my life, but I mourn the person I would have been if she didn’t traumatize me so much. It took me years to finally cut her off, a very difficult process, but I’m healing and mothering myself like I deserve to be mothered”, she wrote in part.

Continuing she said, "I’m not a fan of pretentious words, you know it’s invasive. I’m not offended tho, I just think words have meaning and the first line is not necessary.

"Some days are easier than others but the older I get the more I realize that she and a lot of women like her are too caught up in the lies, abusive cycles and toxicity they contribute to, to be good mothers to their daughters.”