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Entertainment of Monday, 9 October 2023


Tacha criticises girl over iPhone 8 birthday gift request in viral video

Former BB Naija star, Tacha Former BB Naija star, Tacha

A former Big Brother Naija housemate, Natacha Akide, aka Tacha has castigated a girl in a now-viral clip whose parents were heard scolding her over her request for an iPhone as a birthday gift.

The girl, a TikToker, identified as #_prettyy_.yorubagirl_ shared a video that captured her looking out of the window of a car and her father’s voice in the background reprimanding her for requesting an iPhone instead of focusing on her studies.

The father was heard suggesting that she resort to selling her body if she desired an iPhone, asserting that girls with such phones are morally corrupt.

He contrasted this with those pursuing a medical education who haven’t prioritized owning an iPhone, highlighting his daughter’s focus on acquiring one before entering university.

The dad further noted he had yet to see anything that showed his future was secured with her while her mom agreed with her dad, brooding over the reason their daughter has chosen to only give them pain.

The clip elicited diverse reactions with some antagonizing the parents for refusing to do their daughter’s bidding and others lashing at the girl for even recording her parents while they rebuked her.

But Tacha, surprised at those condemning the girl’s parents and making a case for her wrote: “Anybody that has something wrong with what the parents said! Something is legit wrong with you!

“For this child to record this conversation she actually knows what she’s doing.. But I know some waste men will still buy her that iPhone.”

In a follow-up post, the media personality shared a voice note where she could be heard berating the contemporary youths for ‘forming rubbish wokeness’.

She tackled individuals comparing the morals and values of Africans to those of foreigners, arguing that the former is evidently different from the latter.

Tacha insisted the parents of the said girl must be enduring a lot from her going by the decision to record at such a time when she ought to be sober and even sharing the clip.

She said: “I don’t understand this desperation to always sound ‘woke’ and be ‘woke’ or this ‘softness’ in this generation. Like, it makes very little sense to me.

“Now, some people are saying, ‘Oh if it was in the US, Amsterdam, there are teenagers that get …. at the age of 16 years.

“You people need to understand that the morals outside Nigeria and the values in Nigeria are totally different. There are people who are extremely rich in Nigeria but do not give their children beyond their basic needs.

“Now tell me, if that girl’s parents did not like her, will she be in an air-conditioned car with them? If they didn’t like her, will she have a phone that can make videos? You people are trying to tell me that girl does not know what she’s doing? Deliberately recording your parents talking. I’m sure that girl is giving her parents very serious problems.

“Or you’ll tell me that ‘Oh, my mom doesn’t like me for some of the things she said when she was alive. Like my mother will chase me from home to school. For someone that’ll say, ‘I don’t want to go to school’. This woman chased me from the house to the road literally for me to go to school. So what am I going to say? ‘Oh she doesn’t like me?’

“Getting an iPhone for that girl is going to distract her more from focusing on her academics. How can getting into the university not be your concern but having an iPhone?

“I don’t understand. We’re sounding as if we aren’t Nigerians and familiar with the way things work in an African home. We do have morals and values.

“And I’m not saying buying her an iPhone will make her not continue with her morals. I’m just saying the parents might have a reason as to why they’re not getting her that phone. While we’re just getting the outside story, one side of the whole thing.

“You don’t know what that little girl does to her parents. All of us, we’ve been children before. We’ve all been teenagers. Most of you guys even did worse.

“So, you people should quit coming online to claim everything you see, you must defend even when we don’t know the whole story.”