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Entertainment of Sunday, 19 March 2023


Stop tribalistic statements, fueling hate in the minds of people; we are one Nigeria - Enioluwa warns

Enioluwa play videoEnioluwa

Digital creator, Eni Adeoluwa, has warned Nigerians to desist from the tribal remarks.

In a video shared on his social media page, he lament the consequences of the actions of some people who are constantly creating hate on the minds of people.

He advised that this act will extend into marriages, communal living, employment and admissions among others.

According to him, these set of people demand for fairness when they travel abroad but fail to treat people in their own country fairly.

Eni warned that the people who are being fought for will not hesitate to leave you stranded should any thing happens.

He said;

"Some things are not funny, they should not be said, they should write them, it should not be in your mind. Saying things like go back to where you are from, this is not your land, omo Igbo omo Yoruba stop it. You are slowly creating hate in the minds of people, you are slowly building a tribal clash that even you yourself cannot handle and it is going to trickle down into everything. If you don't know the effect of any of these things go and read.

Its going to trickle down into marriages, into communal living, people are going to have selfish interests, into employments, into admissions, and it is going to affect everybody.

You are a black person, you go to another country, you demand fairness but in your own country you can't treat other people fairly. These people you're making bold statements for, if anything happens, they will japa and leave you to face the consequences. Stop spewing hate in the minds of people, stop making tribalistic statements, We are one Nigeria, stop fueling hate in the minds of people."

Watch the video below;