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Entertainment of Friday, 9 December 2022


Stephanie Coker under fire for detesting friendship with Nigerian women

Stephanie Coker Stephanie Coker

Nigerian on-air personality, Stephanie Coker has come under criticism after saying that she doesn’t like making friends with Nigerian-raised women.

Stephanie stated this during a podcast episode on Instagram, claiming that she finds it difficult to make friends with Nigerian women who have never left the country because of their mentality.

She further gave an example of how a Nigerian-bred woman met her and other men seated at a table at an event and would only greet the men and ignore her fellow woman at the table.

Stephanie observed that these ladies would frequently sit and avoid eye contact with the other women seated at the table in front of them.

“I always say this thing about how I find it hard to make friends with women who have grown up and spent their whole lives in Nigeria just because I feel their mindset are very different”, she said.

“When you are out and maybe you’re on a table, if a girl that’s not from abroad, never lived out of Nigeria comes to the table, she will greet all the guys and not greet the woman and I’m always like ‘why? What is your problem?’ I was here first, you should at least say ‘Oh Hi, How are you?’ They’ll just sit, they’ll now act like they can’t see you.”

“One day I had to say ‘excuse me madam, hello, hi’ and the girl was like ‘oh’, she was shocked. Why do they think like this? I don’t understand, is there a complex? What’s going on?.”

Some online users responded to Stephanie Coker’s remark against Nigerian-bred ladies.

@NancyIhezuo said, “Stephanie Coker is a real terrible person for this. I like how this podcast shows this people and the nonentities they are. Obviously you are a classist and no sane person would want to have something to do with you.

@olabode_jnr said, “Stephanie Coker is blaming her innate classism on Nigerian girls. She carried mic, makeup and spewed what seem like right amount of nonsense.

@ayobamii_s said, “The babes are eating up Stephanie Coker and rightly so tbh cause she’s always opening her mouth wah to say nonsense.

@Winniecdo said, “Foolish women go to places and expected to be “hello’d” first because “I’m better”. Well, I certainly won’t notice you to be very honest. Stephanie Coker and that her take is mad.

@Ejuraa_ said, “The funny thing about this is that Stephanie Coker is also a snub ????. Just like how Naeto c’s wife said something similar to this the other day (but she wasn’t classist about it) and they came for her because she was also guilty. Anyway everybody is a hypocrite.

@LaraTheLaw said, “Maybe after Toke , Stephanie Coker is another dimwit I can’t stand!!! “I find it difficult to be friends with someone that hasn’t lived abroad” how do this dumbos come up with things like that? What can I say she is suffering from! You just open mouth waaa and generalise people!.

@TheNeozion said, “All Stephanie Coker is just trying to signale is class which makes her even come off as classless. So because people weren’t born and raised abroad they are deprived of all forms of decorum, poise and posh behavior. She obviously doesn’t believe that shit.