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LifeStyle of Sunday, 6 February 2022


Should women play hard to get? When it makes sense and when it doesn’t

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In the dating game, there are two players: the man and the woman and one of them (the woman) might play hard to get.

Traditionally, it is the man who meets the woman and asks her out. The woman then considers his proposal.

Playing hard to get is when a woman likes a man, but she acts like she doesn’t, so he can pursue her.

On the other hand, there is the woman who isn’t sure about a man's intention, and she takes her time so she can find out. That is different from playing hard to get.

When she says she needs more time, the man can then tell the woman that he cannot wait for her to decide, or he can wait till she makes up her mind.

Anyways, here are some reasons why women shouldn’t play hard to get;

You cannot be too careful

You cannot be too careful. You cannot know all you need to know about someone, you cannot insulate your heart.

Even though you must be careful, you should not be overly cautious.

But here is when you need to be cautious, there is something called love bombing. Love bombing is a trick men play out of boredom or for their own unknown reasons.

A man who just met you bombards you with calls, texts, gifts, and after a while, he disappears.

If you wait a bit, you can be sure to make sure he is for real and not playing games.

It is childish to hide your feelings

Hopefully, you are not in High School, you are a full-grown adult. So, a man likes you, and you like him too. You can let him know, you will not die.

You can miss out on them

Sometimes, feelings are not eternal flames burning to infinity. When a person who loves you gets rejected, they cannot love you that way forever.

What if they move on to someone else, and then you want to give them the green light; it is too late.

It is a red flag that makes you look deceptive and indecisive

All that scheming is unnecessary if you want to be with that person. You should be able to decide who you want and who you don’t

Even as I say all these, you shouldn’t rush into what doesn’t feel right. If the connection is there and you are ready to jump into it, do it. If you do not want to be romantically involved with them, let them go.