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Sex offenders should face the law - Reality star

Ayobami Rachael Adelaja a. k.a Ayice Ayobami Rachael Adelaja a. k.a Ayice

Beautiful and ambitious Ayobami Rachael Adelaja a. k.a Ayice recently emerged winner of the second edition of 100% Entertainment TV reality show, organized by Red Carpet On TV.

With the feat, the 21-year-old Chemistry undergraduate earned herself the star prize of N2.5 million, while the 1st runner-up, Osei Solomon a.k.a Michy and 2nd runner-up, Jonah Kelechi a.k.a Iconic both went home with consolation prizes. 

In this chat, Ayice, who descended from a line of musicians, opens up on her dreams, rape and love life, among other interesting issues. Here are excerpts:

What was your first reaction when you were announced winner!

I was excited and my legs went numb and wobbly. And then, from somewhere inside of me welled this fountain of confidence, and before I knew it, I screamed ‘Jehovah!’ Apart from God, I owe my success to my father, and I dedicate my success to my family and all those who stood by me. I cannot describe this feeling of success, truly I am grateful for the opportunity.

 How did you hear about the show and what’s the experience like?

It all began with the online auditions. The last men standing spent two weeks in booth camp during which we undertook various tasks, after which I emerged winner. And I thank God for the platform, because I was able to showcase my budding talent. It was all about creating content. Celebrities were there to mentor us. It was fun, but very challenging.

 You’re from a family of musicians; do you also have plans to go into music? I would like to go into 

music gradually and slowly. Certainly, in the future I will be massive! Although, I am working on an EP, plans are on for an album in the future. But for now, I will be more focused on growing my business and making my music brand very big. 

Was your family supportive when you started this journey?

My dad was my support system, my pillar. He contributed immensely to the success I celebrate today, and I can’t stop thanking God for blessing me with such a wonderful dad.

 How did you cope with the show and your education?

100% Natural Herbs to Finally End Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection and Small Manhood. Click Here Now .I had to balance things. Fortunately, it came when I was free, so I did not have any issue with my academics. I informed the school authorities about the event, so I was not affected. Moreover, the organisers also created an educative programme to take care of our academic needs while in camp.

 How was your growing up?

I grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State. I had so much fun growing up. My childhood was eventful, I must confess. I always participated in competitions and had quite a good number of winnings. I am a past winner of Spelling Bee Competition. I have always had this innate drive for success, and my high self-esteem has always helped me achieve a lot in life.

Rape is one issue plaguing our society today. As the winner of this reality show, what is your take on rape?

We need to end the perpetuation of rape culture, and this requires a lot of work. Rape culture is the social environment that allows sexual violence to be normalized and justified, fueled by the persistent gender inequalities and attitudes about gender and sexuality. Until women are treated with respect and equality, rape will always be around. The music we listen to, the shows we watch, the ads we see on TV and movies we see tend to portray women as sex objects whose sole purpose is to satisfy mens pleasure.

 There is this notion that girls are raped because of the way they dress. What is your take?

A woman does not choose her outfit every morning with the hope of pleasing every man she walks by. What a woman wears is not her asking for it. The length of someones skirt is not an indication of whether they would like to have sex with you. The tightness of clothing is not an indication they would like to have sex with you either. Flirting is not an indication that a woman wants to have sex with you. If a person is not vocally giving you an invitation for sex, they probably aren’t asking for it. If someone is clearly intoxicated, that is not an invitation for sex too; it is not an excuse for perpetrators of rape to devour women. Rape should not be covered up. Sex offenders should face the law. Perpetrators should not be pampered. 

 How is your love life, are you in a relationship?

I am not dating anyone now. Having a relationship is not part of my agenda for now. When the time comes, I will consider it.

 Can you tell us about the pet project you intend to embark on? 

I intend to establish an NGO where issues affecting the girl child would be tackled. I will be involved with charity and advocacy. I will visit schools and talk to young girls especially on sex education and puberty. These girls need to be aware of the danger of having a child and how it could adversely affect their academics.

  What has been your most profound experience?

Winning the show. My heart is filled with gratitude to the organisers of Red Carpet On TV reality show. I want to say a big thank you for giving me a platform to showcase my talents, and for the opportunity of letting the world hear my voice.