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Religion has destroyed many homes - Nnaji Charity

Nollywood actress, Nnaji Charity Nollywood actress, Nnaji Charity

Nollywood actress, Nnaji Charity has said that religious beliefs have been found as the root cause of breakup in many marriages.

Nnaji, in a chat with The Nation, opined aside from the obvious that many women worship their pastors, and religious leaders, they find it difficult to be submissive to their husbands at home.

In her words, “Most women listen and believe what their pastors say more than what the bible says. Most women respect their pastors more than even their husbands. You will see them in the church running around their pastor calling him papa as if they want to kneel and worship him.

The question is how many women bend down to serve their husbands’ meals? Some even tell their husband to go to the kitchen and carry their food inside the kitchen.

When you begin to worship your pastor more than your husband, you are automatically going to believe whatever comes out of his mouth without even reading the scriptures and finding out what the Bible says about that particular issue.”

“As a Christian, there is no place the Bible tells us to stay in a home where there is no peace, there is no place in the scriptures where the Bible said we should stay in a home where there is constant fight then why would your pastor now tell you divorce is a sin? Why would he say separation is a sin.

“Of course, quarrel and fight might come but whenever the man carries a weapon or any sharp object I cannot endure it. If you go to your pastor with bruises and he encourages you to stay in the marriage, you should know that the pastor is from the pit of hell,” he said.