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Reduce your premature ejaculations with these creative sex positions

If you know you or your partner suffer from premature ejaculations, you don't need to lose hope. One of the ways you can help your partner is by practising some sex positions that prevent premature ejaculation. Finding sex positions to help you and your partner last longer can seem difficult at first.

With a bit of foreplay and stimulation, these exciting sex positions can help develop a new approach to intimacy with your partner, while slowing down premature ejaculation. You don't worry about getting those position, we'll provide them in this article.

Below are sex positions that delay premature ejaculation.

Side by side

Take a break from the classic sex positions and reconnect with your loved one in this close and intimate position. Start by laying on your side as you and your partner face each other. Your pelvis should be much lower than hers as she lifts her top leg to wrap around your waist.

Although it sounds straightforward, it will definitely require a bit of manoeuvring of your hips on both your parts to get their penis in there. But once they're in, you’re good to go. At this point, it’s just a matter of pulling them in closer while moving your hips in such a way that their penis has space to move in and out.

Cowgirl (Woman on top)

Slow and steady wins the race and this position is sure to make you and your partner both feel like winners. Begin by lying down on the bed as your partner climbs on top of you. Once penetrated, have her rock up and down or back and forth. Not only does this position keep the woman in control of her pace, pressure, and depth it allows you to focus on responding to her stimulation rather than your thrusting.


Tired of the same missionary position? This position ensures that you and your partner will keep going, long after the candles have burned out. Have your partner lay on her side, as you lay down behind her facing the same direction as you enter her. Not only does this position allow you to take things slower, but it also gives you access to touch and caresses your partner while maintaining a rhythm that is sure to please both of you.

Chair seat

In this position, your sex stay inside the vagina, which reduces the genital stimulation. Long trust is almost impossible which will minimize genital stimulation. Find a sturdy chair or sofa that will allow you and your partner to be comfortable. Have your partner face away from you as she lowers herself onto your lap.

Use your arms to help navigate her down as she slowly moves up and down. Have fun varying the speed between you and your partner for an irresistible sensation that is sure to slow you down but speed her up. Slow and steady wins the race and this position is sure to make you and your partner both feel like winners.

Cross-legged sit down

For a truly intense and relaxing feeling, lay on your back and cross your legs in a yoga position as your partner sits on top and wraps her legs around your back for support. This can prevent premature ejaculation by maintaining the majority of the stimulation along the top of the penis, making it easier for both you and your partner to change the intensity and speed.